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  • Gold Award: Popbot Blue, Ashley Wood (client: Idea & Design Works)
  • Silver Award: Art Heart, Greg Spalenka (client: Art Institute of Southern California)
  • Gold Award: Phil Hale for Goad (client: Donald M. Grant Books)
  • Silver Award: “Crash”, Kent Williams (Bento (cover)) (client: Allen Spiegel Fine Art)
  • Silver Award: “Sometimes You Just Don't Know What You're Supposed to Do”, Shaun Tan (The Red Tree) (client: Lothian Books)
  • Gold Award: “Luwona Angry”, Ashley Wood (Popbot) (client: Idea & Design Works)
  • Silver Award: Dave McKean for Sandman Presents The Corinthian #2 (client: DC Comics)
  • Silver Award: Rick Berry for “Tintoy” (The Victorian (cover)) (client: Penny-Farthing Press)
  • Gold Award: “Blood Test”, Phil Hale (client: Playboy Magazine)
  • Silver Award: “Dragon”, Jon Foster (client: Dragon Magazine)
  • Gold Award: “Untitled”, Justin Sweet (client: Wizards of the Coast)
  • Silver Award: “Penumbra”, Rick Berry (client: Tufts University)
  • Gold Award: “Baby, Please Don't Go…”, Eric Bowman
  • Silver Award: “Autumned”, Nilson

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