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  Spectrum Awards  
— 2020 —
grandmaster Terryl Whitlatch
advertising “The Shining”, Bartos Kosowski
book “Ivywood”, Rovina Cai
comics Lightfall 1: Walk in the Woods, Tim Probert
concept art “Devourer of Ghosts”, Wu Qinghao
dimensional “Space Madness”, Dug Stanat
editorial “Truth, Lies & Uncertainty: Truth”, Red Nose Studio
institutional “The Stranger: The Seventh Faith”, John Jude Palencar
unpublished “492”, Diego Fernandez
rising star Alex Dos Diaz
— 2019 —
grandmaster Donato Giancola
advertising “Annihilation variant”, Greg Ruth
book “Charlie Florida”, Francis Vallejo
comic Castle in the Stars: Book 4, Alex Alice
concept art “Submerged Statue of Tyr”, Abe Taraky
dimensional “Reflection”, Patrick Masson
editorial “The Remains”, Qiuxin Mao
institutional “Slippery Bogle”, Jesper Ejsing
unpublished “A Walk in the Woods”, Konstantin Marinov Kostadinov
rising star Gawki
— 2018 —
grandmaster Claire Wendling
advertising “Moonrise”, Greg Ruth
book “Serving Fish”, Victo Ngai
comic Castle in the Stars, Book 2, Alex Alice
concept art “Battlefield Scene”, Wangjie Li
dimensional “Octopoid Descending”, Forest Rogers
editorial “My Whereabouts”, Edward, Kinsella III
institutional “Stasis”, Seb McKinnon
unpublished “Whirlpool”, Andrew Hem
rising star Miranda Meeks
— 2017 —
grandmaster “Ms. Hatter and a Smile”, Bill Sienkiewicz
advertising “Hunting”, Bayard Wu
book “Lamia”, Brom
comics Chimera Brigade, Jeremy Wilson
concept art “Court of the Dead: Voxxingard”, Sean Murray
dimensional “Dress-Up Frog Legs”, Jesse Thompson
editorial “Beyonce 'Lemonade'”, Tim O'Brien
institutional “Williams Finds Some Flowers and a Giant”, Bill Carman
unpublished “Orange Skies”, Karla Ortiz
— 2016 —
grandmaster Mike Mignola
advertising “The Blessing of Athena”, Nico Delort
book “Tom, Thom”, Rovina Cai
comics Tribes of Kai, Daren Bader
concept art “King Louie's Court”, Vance Kovacs
dimensional “The Morrigan”, Forest Rogers
editorial “Traveling to a Distant Day”, Tran Nguyen
institutional “Exalted Angel”, Tyler Jacobson
unpublished “Bioluminescence”, Rob Rey
rising star Victor Maury
— 2015 —
grand master Scott Gustafson
advertising “Barbarians: Faust”, Taylor Wessling
book “Taking Flight”, Dan Dos Santos
comics Bernadette, Audrey Benjaminsen
concept art “The Parade”, Sung Choi
dimensional “Venetian Harpy”, Forest Rogers
editorial “A Distressed Damsel”, Tran Nguyen
institutional “Fake It”, Rovina Cai
unpublished “Momentum”, Cynthia Sheppard
rising star Wylie Beckert
— 2014 —
grandmaster Iain McCaig
advertising “A Tiger Beer Chinese New Year”, Victo Ngai
book “Little Sambha and the Tiger with the Beautiful Purple Shoes with Crimson Soles”, Scott Gustafson
comics “Seasons, page 1”, Mark A. Nelson
concept art “John Carter Punches a Thark”, Vance Kovacs
dimensional “Hot Diggety Dog”, Colin Poole & Kristine Poole
editorial “Hair Tree”, Yuko Shimizu
institutional “Blacksea”, Justin Sweet
unpublished “Riding Horse on the Freezing Day”, Yukari Masuike
— 2013 —
grandmaster Brom
advertising “Dragon Empress”, Dan Dos Santos
book “Fed”, David Palumbo
comics “Daredevil #10”, Paolo Rivera
concept art “Guild Wars 2, Norn Lodge”, Daniel Dociu
dimensional “Acanthopis III”, Virginie Ropars
editorial “Cancer Monster”, Sam Weber
Institutional “Dragon Swarm”, Lucas Graciano
unpublished “Tell-Tale Heart”, Andrew Mar
— 2012 —
grandmaster James Gurney
advertising “Talon of Umberlee”, Tyler Jacobson
book “Wooden Bones”, Edward Kinsella
comics “Sigfried III”, Alex Alice
concept art “Jack the Giant Killer”, Justin Sweet
dimensional “Jack”, Virginie Ropars
editorial “Mic Mac Cormac”, Jean-Baptiste Monge
institutional “Turin and the Glaurung”, Raoul Vitale
unpublished “CK Unmasked”, Michael Whelan
— 2011 —
grandmaster Ralph McQuarrie
advertising “Narco Americano”, Ryohei Hase
book “God's War”, David Palumbo
comics “A Flight of Angels”, Rebecca Guay
concept art “Riven Earth”, Kekai Kotaki
dimensional “Giant Fisherman”, David Meng
editorial “Share One Planet”, Android Jones
institutional “Knight March”, Richard Anderson
unpublished “Pandora”, Rebecca Guay
— 2010 —
grandmaster Al Williamson
advertising “Absinthe Drinker”, Sam Weber
book “Mistmantle: The Rage Tide”, Omar Rayyan
comics “The Incident”, Steven Tabbutt
concept art “Wasp Hives”, Daniel Dociu
dimensional “Eel Walker”, Mark Newman
editorial “Aging Tyger”, Chris Buzelli
institutional “The Mouse's Return”, Ed Binkley
unpublished “Beyond the Past”, Eric Fortune
— 2009 —
grandmaster Richard Corben
advertising “Go Forward and Forward”, Ryohei Hase
book The Legend of Steel Bashaw, Peter Meseldzija
comics Buffy the Vampire Slayer #14, Jon Foster
concept art “Mole Tunnels”, Daniel Dociu
dimensional “Elegant Medusa”, Akihito Ikeda
editorial “Damali Richards”, Craig Elliott
institutional “Song in the Garden”, James Gurney
unpublished “Koi”, Jeremy Enecio
— 2008 —
grandmaster John Jude Palencar
best in show James Jean for Fables #66: The Good Prince
advertising “Resurrection of the Blood-Zombies From Beyond”, Johnny Yanok
book Sam Weber for Thirteen Orphans by Jane Lindskold
comics James Jean for Fables #66: The Good Prince
concept art “Defeated Dragon”, Daniel Dociu
dimensional “The Mummy Revisited”, A. Brent Armstrong
editorial “Interpreter”, Phil Hale
institutional “Hot, Dry, & Deadly”, Robh Ruppel
unpublished “The Apple”, Omar Rayyan
— 2007 —
grandmaster Syd Mead
advertising “Spacerace 2020”, James Jean
book Jon Foster for 9Tail Fox by Jon Courtenay Grimwood
comics “Wanda--Lost”, Adam Hughes
concept art “Crescent City”, Daniel Dociu
dimensional “Not Tested On”, Cam de Leon
editorial “Crowdsourcing”, James Jean
institutional “October Shadows”, William Basso
unpublished “Haunted #3”, Joao Ruas
— 2006 —
grandmaster Jeffrey Jones
advertising “Prometheus”, Donato Giancola
book Jon Foster for The Demon and the City by Liz Williams
comics Jeremy Geddes for Doomed #4
dimensional “Under Autumn's Tentacled Spell”, Tim Bruckner
editorial “Antarctic Megalosaur”, William Stout
institutional “Warriors of Khorne”, Cos Koniotis
unpublished “Carnivore Pond”, William Carman
— 2005 —
grandmaster H. R. Giger
advertising Jack, Brom
book Brad Holland for Outside the Dog Museum by Jonathan Carroll
comics “Freaks of the Heartland” (trade paper cover), Greg Ruth
dimensional “Quan Yin”, Lawrence Northey
editorial “Sir Hillary Poised For a Takeover”, Thomas L. Fluharty
institutional “When Giants Walk the Earth”, Arthur Suydam
unpublished “Victorian Goblin in Formal Dress Circa 1893”, Travis Louie
— 2004 —
grandmaster Michael Whelan
advertising “The Pearl Fishers”, René Milot
book “Twigman”, David Bowers
comics Para 2 (cover), Stephan "Cricket" Martiniere
dimensional Cletus and Shorty Play Checkers, Thomas S. Kuebler
editorial Blink, Michael Gibbs
institutional An Alien in the Land of Make-Believe, Todd Schorr
unpublished The Forgotten Mountain, Raymond Swanland
— 2003 —
grandmaster Michael William Kaluta
advertising Silver Snail, Dave McKean
book A Circle of Cats, Charles Vess
comics Hunter #16, Jon Foster
dimensional Greetings and Salutations from the Planet Grape, Lawrence Northey
editorial Turtle Race, Omar Rayyan
editorial T. Rex Drinking, James Gurney
institutional Call For Entries, Peter de Sève
unpublished The Last Tinman, Eric Joyner
— 2002 —
grandmaster Kinuko Y. Craft
advertising Popbot Blue, Ashley Wood
book Phil Hale for Goad
comics “Luwona Angry”, Ashley Wood
dimensional “The Joker”, Tim Holter Bruckner
editorial “Blood Test”, Phil Hale
institutional “Untitled”, Justin Sweet
unpublished “Baby, Please Don't Go…”, Eric Bowman
— 2001 —
grandmaster Jean Giraud
advertising “Das Rheingold” (Wagner's Ring Cycle), Kinuko Y. Craft
book When the King Comes Home, David Bowers
comics The Dreaming #59: Attack, Dave McKean
dimensional Haunted Box, Jean-Louis Crinon
editorial 2001, hello, Donato Giancola
institutional Entropy 1, George Pratt
unpublished King of a Little Kingdom, Jason Nobriga
— 2000 —
grandmaster Alan Lee
advertising Salome, Rafal Olbinski
book Biting the Sun, Kinuko Y. Craft
comics Beat the Meatles (Weird War Tales Special #1), Phil Hale
dimensional Chess Set, Sharon Matsumoto
editorial The Bride, Jody Hewgill
institutional Ignite Thy Passion, Greg Spalenka
unpublished Reach, Michael Whelan
— 1999 —
grandmaster John Berkey
advertising T-Rex Terror, Jerry LoFaro
book The Rabbits: They Came by Water, Shaun Tan
comics The Comic Zone!, Dave DeVries
dimensional Spaceman Troy, Lawrence Northey
editorial State of Disorder, Gary Kelley
institutional Cantina Informacion, Eric Bowman
unpublished Pharazar, Stephen Hickman
— 1998 —
grandmaster James E. Bama
advertising Sons of Igor, Greg Spalenka
book Stephen King's Wizard & Glass: The Dark Tower IV, Dave McKean
comics Wildcore #1 [variant cover], Travis Charest
dimensional Chantecler Eldorado (The Game Master), Lawrence Northey
editorial Can We End Heart Disease?, Thom Ang
institutional Tarzan Rescues the Moon, Jeffrey Jones
unpublished Kareoke, Phil Hale
— 1997 —
grandmaster Leo & Diane Dillon
advertising Falstaff, Rafal Olbinski
book Blood Debt, John Jude Palencar
comics Shadow of the Bat, Doug Beekman
dimensional The Hogarth Tarzan, Joseph DeVito
editorial Wintermute, Rick Berry
institutional Untitled, Phil Hale
unpublished Prudence II, Michael Whelan
— 1996 —
grandmaster Don Ivan Punchatz
advertising The Trojan Horse, John Rush
book Becoming Human, John Jude Palencar
comics Vigilante #1, Mark Chiarello
dimensional Death Dealer, Randy Bowen
editorial The Stallion, Mel Odom
institutional Flight of Fancy, James Gurney
unpublished Twister, Steven Assael
— 1995 —
grandmaster Frank Frazetta
advertising The Tooth Fairy, Steve Armes
book Redd Rocket, Dean Morrissey
comics Ballistic, Joe Chiodo
editorial The Scariest Criminal in America, Arisman Marshall
institutional The Lion Pavillion, Stephen Hickman
institutional Beauty and the Beast, Thomas Blackshear II
unpublished I Love You So Much It hurts me to Hurt You, Phil Hale

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