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  • Gold Award: Jack, Brom (client: Abrams Books)
  • Silver Award: Justin K. Sweet (client: Ride Snowboards /art director: Mike Styskal)
  • Gold Award: Brad Holland for Outside the Dog Museum by Jonathan Carroll (client: Tor Books/ art director: Irene Gallo)
  • Silver Award: “Cadwallon Goblin”, Paul Bonner (client: Rackham/ art director: Jean Bev)
  • Gold Award: “Freaks of the Heartland” (trade paper cover), Greg Ruth (client: Dark Horse / art director: Shawna Gore)
  • Silver Award: Deep Sleeper #5 (cover), Mike Huddleston (client: Image Comics)
  • Gold Award: “Sir Hillary Poised For a Takeover”, Thomas L. Fluharty
  • Silver Award: “Summer Reading Guide”, Shaun Tan (client: The Bulletin / art director: Michael Killea & Shaun Tan)
  • Gold Award: “When Giants Walk the Earth”, Arthur Suydam (client: Dark Horse Productions)
  • Silver Award: “Old Scratch & The Fish”, Dave Devries
  • Gold Award: “Victorian Goblin in Formal Dress Circa 1893”, Travis Louie
  • Silver Award: “Gluba Vanderhon the Giant”, Matt Gaser

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