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  • Gold Award: The Tooth Fairy, Steve Armes (Ameritas)
  • Silver Award: Giants of Golf: Arnold Palmer at the Indianapolis 500, Jerry Lofaro (G.T.E. North Classic)
  • Gold Award: Redd Rocket, Dean Morrissey (Harry N. Abrams)
  • Silver Award: Otherness, Donato Giancola (Bantam Books)
  • Certificate: Under Tow, from The World Beneath, James Gurney (The Greenwich Workshop and Turner Publishing)
  • Certificate: The Wise Woman, Brian Froud
  • Gold Award: Ballistic, Joe Chiodo (Image Comics)
  • Silver Award: Books of Magic #2, Charles Vess (DC/Vertigo)
  • Certificate: Aliens Vs Predator, John Bolton (Dark Horse Comics)
  • Certificate: The Shadow, Gary Gianni (Dark Horse Comics)
  • Gold Award: Beauty and the Beast, Thomas Blackshear II (The Greenwich Workshop)
  • Gold Award: The Lion Pavillion, Stephen Hickman (The Greenwich Workshop)
  • Silver Award: Death, Rick Berry (DC Comics/Vertigo)
  • Silver Award: Doc Savage and the Giant Python, Joseph DeVito (Graphitti Designs)
  • Silver Award: Untitled, Scott Mack (Hallmark Cards, Inc)
  • Certificate: Return of the Titans, Ezra Tucker (Ezra Tucker)
  • Certificate: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Scott Gustafson (The Greenwich Workshop)

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