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Eligibility Year: 2003
Short Poem
  • Winner: “Just Distance”, Roger Dutcher (Tales of the Unanticipated Jul 2003)
  • Second Place: “Observe the Month of Spring”, Lucy Cohen (The Magazine of Speculative Poetry Spr 2003)
  • Third Place (tie): “How I Will Outwit the Time Thieves”, Mike Allen (Strange Horizons Dec 2003)
  • Third Place (tie): “Nursery Ghosts”, Sandra Lindow (Raven Electrick Jun 2003)
Long Poem
  • Winner: “Octavia Is Lost in the Hall of Masks”, Theodora Goss (Mythic Delirium Win/Spr 2003)
  • Second Place: “A Portrait of the Artist”, Vandana Singh (Strange Horizons Jul 2003)
  • Third Place: “Hugo Schizophrenica”, Charlee Jacob (Miniature Sun Press)

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