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Eligibility Year: 2000
Short Poem
  • Winner: “My Wife Returns As She Would Have It”, Bruce Boston (Asimov's Mar 2000)
  • Second Place (tie) :“Of Dance Steps and Distances”, G. O. Clark (Icarus Ascending #1 Oct 2000)
  • Second Place (tie) :“Reflections In A Fading Mir”, Ann K. Schwader (Mythic Delirium #3 2000)
  • Third Place: “Persephone Wakening”, Tracina Jackson-Adams (The Magazine of Speculative Poetry Spring 2000)
Long Poem
  • Winner: “January Fires”, Joe Haldeman (Asimov's Jan 2001)
  • Second Place (tie) :“Maya”, James S. Dorr (Strange Attraction)
  • Second Place (tie) :“Valley of Years”, David C. Kopaska-Merkel (Eraserhead Press)
  • Third Place (tie): “Event Horizons”, Gene Van Troyer (Snow Monkey Vol. 2 No. 1, 2000)
  • Third Place (tie): “The Lesions of Genetic Sin”, Bruce Boston (Perihelion Broadside Series)

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