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Awards Summary

Career and Special Awards: 1

Major Awards: 6



Total Number of Award Wins and Nominations: 43

Times Served as Judge: 2

— Career and Special Awards —
Richard Evans Awardfor genre writers who are worthy but insufficiently recognized; juried

— Major Awards —
Hugo Awardsfor SF/F works, voted by members of annual World Science Fiction Convention
(1 nomination)

Joanna Russ (University of Illinois Press) — related work — nomination

Nebula Awardsfor SF/F works, voted by SF & Fantasy Writers of America professional membership
(1 nomination)

“The Tomb Wife ” (F&SF Aug 2007) — short story — nomination

World Fantasy Awardsfor Fantasy works; juried, with nominations from World Fantasy Con members
(2 nominations; 2 wins)

“The Grass Princess ” (Seven Tales and a Fable) — short fiction — winner

Seven Tales and a Fable (Edgewood Press) — collection — winner

Arthur C. Clarke Awardfor SF novel published in the UK; juried
(7 nominations; 1 win)

Spirit: The Princess of Bois Dormant (Gollancz) — shortlist

Midnight Lamp (Gollancz) — shortlist

Bold as Love (Gollancz) — winner

North Wind (Gollancz) — shortlist

White Queen (Gollancz) — shortlist

Kairos (Unwin Hyman) — shortlist

Escape Plans (Allen & Unwin) — shortlist

British Fantasy Awardsfor fantasy works published in the UK, voted by British Fantasy Society members, juried since 2012
(2 nominations)

Joanna Russ (University of Illinois Press) — non-fiction — nomination

Bold as Love (Gollancz) — August Derleth Award (novel) — nomination

British SF Association Awardsfor SF works published in the UK, voted by British SF Association members
(5 nominations; 1 win)

Midnight Lamp (Gollancz) — novel — nomination

Castles Made of Sand (Gollancz) — novel — nomination

Bold as Love (Gollancz) — novel — nomination

“La Cenerentola ” (Interzone #136 Oct 1998) — short fiction — winner

North Wind (Gollancz) — novel — nomination

(7 nominations; 1 win)

The Universe of Things (Aqueduct Press) — honor list

Life (Aqueduct Press) — short list

“La Cenerentola ” (Interzone #136 Oct 1998) — short list

“Balinese Dancer ” (Asimov's Sep 1997) — short list

“Red Sonja and Lessingham in Dreamland ” (Off Limits: Tales of Alien Sex) — long list

North Wind (Gollancz) — short list

White Queen (Gollancz) — winner

Philip K. Dick Awardfor SF original paperback published in the US, juried
(1 nomination; 1 win)

Life (Aqueduct Press) — winner

Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Awardfor SF short fiction in English; juried
(2 nominations)

“Emergence” (Meeting Infinity) — finalist

“The Tomb Wife ” (F&SF Aug 2007) — shortlist

— Locus Awards and Poll —
Locus Awardsfor SF/F/H works, polled by readers of Locus Magazine
(14 nominations)

Joanna Russ (University of Illinois Press) — nonfiction — 4th place

The Grasshopper's Child (Tjoy Books) — young adult book — 15th place (tie)

“Bricks, Sticks, Straw” (Edge of Infinity) — short story — 27th place

“The Ki-Anna” (Engineering Infinity) — novelette — 26th place

“The Vicar of Mars” (Eclipse Four) — novelette — 25th place

The Universe of Things (Aqueduct) — collection — 18th place

Grazing the Long Acre (PW) — collection — 19th place

Imagination/Space: Essays and Talks on Fiction, Feminism, Technology and Politics (Aqueduct) — nonfiction/art book — 15th place

Life (Aqueduct Press) — sf novel — 27th place

Midnight Lamp (Gollancz) — fantasy novel — 16th place

Castles Made of Sand (Gollancz) — fantasy novel — 18th place

Bold as Love (Gollancz) — fantasy novel — 19th place

Deconstructing the Starships: Science, Fiction and Reality (Liverpool University Press) — nonfiction — 4th place

Divine Endurance (Allen & Unwin) — first novel — 14th place

— As Judge —
Arthur C. Clarke Awardfor SF novel published in the UK; juried

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