Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award 2016

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Where and When: MidAmeriCon II, Kansas City MO : August 17, 2016 - August 21, 2016
Eligibility Year: 2015
Judges: Elizabeth Bear, Andy Duncan, James Gunn, Kij Johnson, Noel Sturgeon
Associated With: John W. Campbell Memorial Award
  • “The Game of Smash and Recovery”, Kelly Link (Strange Horizons 17 Oct 2015)
Second Place
Third Place
  • “And You Shall Know Her by the Trail of Dead”, Brooke Bolander (Lightspeed Feb 2015)
  • “Avery Cates: The Walled City”, Jeff Somers (self-published Jun 2015)
  • “Botanica Veneris: Thirteen Papercuts by Ida Countess Rathangan”, Ian McDonald (Old Venus)
  • “Damage”, David D. Levine ( 21 Jan 2015)
  • “Emergence”, Gwyneth Jones (Meeting Infinity)
  • “Folding Beijing”, Hao Jingfang (Uncanny Magazine Jan/Feb 2015)
  • “The Four Thousand, the Eight Hundred”, Greg Egan (Asimov's Dec 2015)
  • “Our Lady of the Open Road”, Sarah Pinsker (Asimov's Jun 2015)
  • “The Three Resurrections of Jessica Churchill”, Kelly Robson (Clarkesworld Feb 2015)
Of this year's finalists, only Ian McDonald has won before, for "Tendeléo's Story" in 2001; he has four other prior nominations.

This is Greg Egan's fourth Sturgeon nomination, Kelly Link's third, the second each for Gwyneth Jones, David D. Levine, and Sarah Pinsker. The others are all first-time Sturgeon finalists.

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