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2021 The Stone Weta, Octavia Cade
2020 The Dawnhounds, Sascha Stronach
2019 Into the Sounds, Lee Murray
2018 Hounds of the Underworld, Dan Rabarts & Lee Murray
2017 Into the Mist, Lee Murray
2016 Ardus, Jean Gilbert
2015 Engines of Empathy, Paul Mannering
2014 Heartwood, Freya Robertson
2013 Queen of Iron Years, Lyn McConchie & Sharman Horwood
2012 Samiha's Song, Mary Victoria
2011 (tie) The Heir of Night, Helen Lowe
2011 (tie) The Questing Road, Lyn McConchie
2010 Beyond the Wall of Time, Russell Kirkpatrick
2009 Dark Heart, Russell Kirkpatrick
2008 Path of Revenge, Russell Kirkpatrick
2007 The Assassin of Gleam, James Norcliffe
2006 The Duke's Ballad, Andre Norton & Lyn McConchie
2005 Beastmaster's Circus, Andre Norton & Lyn McConchie
2004 Dark Shinto, Dale Elvy
2003 Beast Master's Ark, Andre Norton & Lyn McConchie
2002 First Hunter, Dale Elvy
youth novel
2021 These Violent Delights, Chloe Gong
2020 The Clockhill and the Thief, Gareth Ward
2019 Lutapolii: White Dragon of the South, Deryn Pittar
2018 The Traitor and the Thief, Gareth Ward
2017 Light in My Dark, Jean Gilbert & William Dresden
2016 Dragons Realm (You Say Which Way), Eileen Mueller
2015 The Caller: Shadowfell, Juliet Marillier
2014 Raven Flight, Juliet Marillier
2013 The Prince of Soul and the Lighthouse, Frederik Brounéus
2012 Battle of the Birds, Lee Murray
2011 Summer of Dreaming, Lyn McConchie
2010 Brainjack, Brian Falkner
2009 Thornspell, Helen Lowe
2008 (tie) Cybele's Secret, Juliet Marillier
2008 (tie) The Sea-wreck Stranger, Anna Mackenzie
2021 No Man's Land, A. J. Fitzwater
2020 From a Shadow Grave, Andi C. Buchanan
2019 The Martian Job, M. Darusha Wehm
2018 Matters Arising from the Identification of the Body, Simon Petrie
2017 The Convergence of Fairy Tales, Octavia Cade
2016 “The Ghost of Matter”, Octavia Cade
2015 “Peach and Araxi”, Celine Murray
2014 “Cave Fever”, Lee Murray
2013 “Flight 404”, Simon Petrie
2012 “Steam Girl”, Dylan Horrocks
2011 “A Tale of the Interferers - Hunter for Forbidden Flesh”, Paul Haines
2010 “Wives”, Paul Haines
2009 “Stroke of Enticement”, Nalini Singh
2008 Beat of Temptation, Nalini Singh
short story
2021 “For Want of Human Parts”, Casey Lucas
2020 “A Shriek Across the Sky”, Casey Lucas
2019 “Girls Who do not Drown”, A. C. Buchanan
2018 “Crimson Birds of Small Miracles”, Sean Monaghan
2017 “Splintr”, A. J. Fitzwater
2016 “The Thief's Tale”, Lee Murray
2015 “Inside Ferndale”, Lee Murray
2014 “By Bone-Light”, Juliet Marillier
2013 “Hope is the thing with feathers”, Lee Murray
2012 “Frankie and the Netball Clone”, Alicia Ponder
2011 “High Tide at Hot Water Beach”, Paul Haines
2010 (tie) “The Living Dead Boy”, Grant Stone
2010 (tie) “Corrigan's Exchange”, Ripley Patton
2009 “Under Waves and Over”, Grant Stone
2008 (tie) “Mist and Murder”, Lucy Sussex
2008 (tie) “Fendraaken”, Kevin G. Maclean
2007 “Western Front, 1914”, Peter Friend
2006 “The Real Deal”, Peter Friend
2005 “When Dragons Dream”, Kevin G. Maclean
2004 (tie) “A Plea for Help”, Kevin G. Maclean
2004 (tie) “The Alchemist”, Peter Friend
2002 “The Good Earth”, Peter Friend
collected work
2021 The Voyages of Cinrak the Dapper, A. J. Fitzwater
2020 Year’s Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction & Fantasy: Volume 1, Marie Hodgkinson, ed.
2019 Te Korero Ahi Ka, Grace Bridges, Lee Murray & Aaron Compton, eds.
2018 Mariah's Prologues, Grace Bridges
2017 At the Edge, Dan Rabarts & Lee Murray, eds.
2016 Write Off Line 2015: The Earth We Knew, Jean Gilbert & Chad Dick, eds.
2015 Lost in the Museum
2014 Baby Teeth, Dan Rabarts & Lee Murray, eds.
2013 Mansfield with Monsters, Matt & Debbie Cowens
2012 Tales for Canterbury, Cassie Hart & Anna Caro, eds.
2011 A Foreign Country - New Zealand Speculative Fiction, Anna Caro & Juliet Buchanan, eds.
2010 Voyagers: Science Fiction Poetry From New Zealand, Mark Pirie & Tim Jones
2009 The Invisible Road, Elizabeth Knox
2008 Doorways for the Dispossessed, Paul Haines, ed.
dramatic presentation
2020 Doctor Who: The Elysian Blade
2019 Wellington Paranormal
2018 The Changeover
2017 This Giant Paper Mache Boulder is Actually Really Heavy, Andrew Beszant & Christian Nicholson
2010 Under the Mountain
2008 Black Sheep
2007 Maddigan's Quest
2002 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh & Philippa Boyens
dramatic presentation, short form
2009 Skankenstein, Kora & Krafthaus
2008 Buy Kiwi Made
2016 Casey Bailey for Shortcuts -- Track 1
2015 Geoff Popham for Lost in the Museum
2014 Emma Weakley for Regeneration: New Zealand Speculative Fiction 2 (Random Static)
2013 Les Petersen for Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear by Edwina Harvey & Simon Petrie, eds. (Peggy Bright Books)
2012 Frank Victoria for Oracle's Fire by Mary Victoria (HarperCollins Voyager)
2011 Tymon's Flight, Frank Victoria
2010 “The Test”, Serena Kearns
2003 John Baster & Mary Maclachlan, for model making on “The Lord of the Rings” motion pictures
professional artwork
2021 Laya Rose for No Man's Land
2020 Vivienne To for Dragon Pearl
2019 Laya Rose for The Baker Thief (The Kraken Collective)
2018 Teleport, Kate Strawbridge
2017 Emma Weakley for At the Edge by Dan Rabarts & Lee Murray, eds. (Paper Road)
2009 Newton's Sleep, Emma Weakley
new talent
2021 A. J. Lancaster
2020 Sascha Stronach
2019 Kura Carpenter
2018 Gareth Ward
2017 Eileen Mueller
2010 Simon Petrie
2009 Helen Lowe
2008 Tracie McBride
2007 Douglas A. Van Belle
2004 Glynne MacLean, for Roivan - Book One of the A'nzarian Chronicle
2002 Dale Elvy
fan writing
2021 “Alone Together at the Edge of the World”, Andi C. Buchanan
2020 SITREP, Alex Lindsay
2018 “Pass the Rules”, Jo Toon
2017 “Food and Horror” (column), Octavia Cade
2010 Simon Litten
2009 Alex Lindsay
2008 Ross Temple
2007 Alan Robson
2006 Alan Robson
2005 Alan Robson
2003 Alan Robson
2002 Alan Robson
2008 Phoenixine, John and Lynelle Howell, eds
2006 Phoenixine, Richard Scheib
2005 (tie) Phoenixine, Richard Scheib
2005 (tie) Time Space Visualiser, Paul Scoones
2004 Phoenixine, Laurie Fleming, ed.
2003 Phoenixine, Laurie Fleming, ed.
2002 Phoenixine, Laurie Fleming, ed.
fan artist
2021 Blue and Red, Laya Rose
2020 “Deet”, Laya Rose
2019 “The Thirteenth Doctor”, Laya Rose
2018 John Toon, for contributions to Phoenixine and LexiCon convention booklet
2017 Keith Smith
fan art
2003 Grant Preston
2002 Nick Kim
fan publication
2010 (tie) Phoenixine, John Howell & Lynelle Howell
2010 (tie) Time Space Visualiser, Adam McGechan
2009 The Girl Who Asked for Wisdom and Other Stories, Catherine and Stephanie Pegg, eds
fan production/publication
2021 FIYAHCON Guest of Honour Speech, Cassie Hart
2020 Plant Life
2019 Star Trek in the Park: The Trouble with Tribbles
2018 LexiCon convention booklet
2017 Summer Star Trek: Mirror, Mirror
fan production
2010 Coals to Newcastle, Yvonne Harrison
2009 Chasing the Bard - Podcast, Philippa Ballantine
2008 Renaldo, First Sheep on the Moon?
2006 King (short film), Peter Friend, director
professional production/publication
2021 “How NZ's Best Fantasy and Science Fiction Authors Got Shafted on a Global Stage”, Casey Lucas
2020 Swords: The Webcomic, Matthew Willis
2019 Black Archive #15, John Toon
2018 Mistlands, Laya Rose
2017 That Kind of Planet, Emma Weakley
2016 White Cloud Worlds Anthology 3, Paul Tobin, ed.
2015 Weta Digital: 20 Years of Imagination on Screen, Clare Burgess, with Brian Sibley
2014 WearableArt
2013 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: Chronicles -- Art and Design, Daniel Falconer
2011 White Cloud Worlds Anthology, Paul Tobin, ed.
2010 Semaphore Magazine, Marie Hodgkinson
2009 Deputy Dan and The Mysterious Midnight Marauder, by Sally MacLennan, artwork by Joel Liochon
services to science fiction, fantasy, and horror
2018 Darian Smith
2017 Lee Murray
services to science fiction, fantasy and horror
2010 Phillip Mann
services to science fiction
2008 Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Publishing Co-operative Ltd
services to sf and f
2006 Margaret Mahy, for a huge body of work and has written SF for all ages
2005 Ken Catran, for YA fiction titles
2003 Weta Workshop & Weta Digital, for being the premiere special effects and visual effects facilities in New Zealand
2002 Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh & Philippa Boyens, for their masterpiece work of “The Lord of the Rings : Fellowship of the Ring"
services to fandom
2018 Jan Butterworth
2017 Lynelle Howell
2010 David Lee-Smith
2009 Maree Pavletich
2008 Simon Litten
2007 John and Lynelle Howell
2006 Norman Cates, for promoting NZ SF and fandom both at home and abroad
2005 Martin Kealey, for the many years he has contributed web server space for fan organisations free of charge
2004 Laurie Fleming, for producing more than 100 issues of Phoenixine
2003 William & Adele Geradts, for the many Armageddons of the past years
2002 Norman Cates, and the SFFANZ discussion group, for their work in setting up SFFANZ and the Sir Julius Vogel Awards
special award
2004 Peter Jackson, et al, for the amazing achievement of the Lord of the Rings trilogy

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