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Where and When: CoNZealand, Wellington, New Zealand : August 1, 2020
Eligibility Year: 1944
Associated With: Hugo Awards
  • Winner: “Killdozer!”, Theodore Sturgeon (Astounding Science Fiction Nov 1944)
  • “The Changeling”, A. E. van Vogt (Astounding Science Fiction Apr 1944)
  • “A God Named Kroo”, Henry Kuttner (Thrilling Wonder Stories Win 1944)
  • “Intruders from the Stars”, Ross Rocklynne (Amazing Stories Jan 1944)
  • “The Jewel of Bas”, Leigh Brackett (Planet Stories Spr 1944)
  • “Trog”, Murray Leinster (Astounding Science Fiction Jun 1944)
  • Winner: “City”, Clifford D. Simak (Astounding Science Fiction May 1944)
  • “Arena”, Fredric Brown (Astounding Science Fiction Jun 1944)
  • “The Big and the Little”, Isaac Asimov (Astounding Science Fiction Aug 1944) ("The Merchant Princes")
  • “The Children's Hour”, Lawrence O'Donnell (Astounding Science Fiction Mar 1944) (C.L. Moore & Henry Kuttner)
  • “No Woman Born”, C. L. Moore (Astounding Science Fiction Dec 1944)
  • “When the Bough Breaks”, Lewis Padgett (Astounding Science Fiction Nov 1944) (C.L. Moore & Henry Kuttner)
Short Story
  • Winner: “I, Rocket”, Ray Bradbury (Amazing Stories May 1944)
  • “And the Gods Laughed”, Fredric Brown (Planet Stories Spr 1944)
  • “Desertion”, Clifford D. Simak (Astounding Science Fiction Nov 1944)
  • “Far Centaurus”, A. E. van Vogt (Astounding Science Fiction Jan 1944)
  • “Huddling Place”, Clifford D. Simak (Astounding Science Fiction Jul 1944)
  • “The Wedge”, Isaac Asimov (Astounding Science Fiction Oct 1944) ("The Traders")
Related Work
  • Winner: “The Science-Fiction Field”, Leigh Brackett (Writer's Digest Jul 1944)
  • ’42 To ’44: A Contemporary Memoir Upon Human Behavior During the Crisis of the World Revolution, H. G. Wells (Secker & Warburg)
  • Fancyclopedia, Jack Speer (Forrest J Ackerman)
  • Mr. Tompkins Explores the Atom, George Gamow (Cambridge University Press)
  • Rockets: The Future of Travel Beyond the Stratosphere, Willy Ley (Viking Press)
  • “The Works of H.P. Lovecraft: Suggestions for a Critical Appraisal”, Fritz Leiber (The Acolyte Fall 1944)
Graphic Story
Dramatic Presentation, Short Form
  • Winner (tie): The Canterville Ghost (screenplay by Edwin Harvey Blum from a story by Oscar Wilde, directed by Jules Dassin (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM))
  • Winner (tie): The Curse of the Cat People (written by DeWitt Bodeen, directed by Gunther V. Fritsch and Robert Wise (RKO Radio Pictures))
  • Donovan's Brain (adapted by Robert L. Richards from a story by Curt Siodmak, producer, director and editor William Spier (CBS Radio Network))
  • House of Frankenstein (screenplay by Edward T. Lowe, Jr. from a story by Curt Siodmak, directed by Erle C. Kenton (Universal Pictures))
  • The Invisible Man's Revenge (written by Bertram Millhauser, directed by Ford Beebe (Universal Pictures))
  • It Happened Tomorrow (screenplay and adaptation by Dudley Nichols and René Clair, directed by René Clair (Arnold Pressburger Films))

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