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Where and When: San Jose CA : May 17, 2014
Eligibility Year: 2013
Associated Awards: Ray Bradbury Award, Andre Norton Award, SFWA Grand Master Award, SFWA Awards (also listed below)
  • Winner: “The Waiting Stars”, Aliette de Bodard (The Other Half of the Sky)
  • “In Joy, Knowing the Abyss Behind”, Sarah Pinsker (Strange Horizons Jul 2013)
  • “The Litagation Master and the Monkey King”, Ken Liu (Lightspeed Aug 2013)
  • “Paranormal Romance”, Christopher Barzak (Lightspeed Jun 2013)
  • “Pearl Rehabilitative Colony for Ungrateful Daughters”, Henry Lien (Asimov's Dec 2013)
  • “They Shall Salt the Earth with Seeds of Glass”, Alaya Dawn Johnson (Asimov's Jan 2013)
Short Story
  • Winner: “If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love”, Rachel Swirsky (Apex Mar 2013)
  • “Alive, Alive Oh”, Sylvia Spruck Wrigley (Lightspeed Jun 2013)
  • “Selected Program Notes from the Retrospective Exhibition of Theresa Rosenberg Latimer”, Kenneth Schneyer (Clockwork Phoenix 4)
  • “Selkie Stories Are for Losers”, Sofia Samatar (Strange Horizons 7 Jan 2013)
  • “The Sounds of Old Earth”, Matthew Kressel (Lightspeed Jan 2013)
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