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Eligibility Year: 1981
Sf Novel
  1. Winner: The Many-Colored Land, Julian May (Houghton Mifflin)
  2. Windhaven, George R. R. Martin & Lisa Tuttle (Timescape)
  3. Downbelow Station, C. J. Cherryh (DAW)
  4. Dream Park, Larry Niven & Steven Barnes (Phantasia; Ace)
  5. Project Pope, Clifford D. Simak (Ballantine Del Rey)
  6. God Emperor of Dune, Frank Herbert (Putnam)
  7. The Cool War, Frederik Pohl (Ballantine Del Rey)
  8. Sharra's Exile, Marion Zimmer Bradley (DAW)
  9. Oath of Fealty, Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle (Phantasia; Timescape)
  10. Riddley Walker, Russell Hoban (Summit)
  11. The Divine Invasion, Philip K. Dick (Timescape)
  12. The Book of Dreams, Jack Vance (DAW)
  13. The Sardonyx Net, Elizabeth A. Lynn (Putnam)
  14. King David's Spaceship, Jerry Pournelle (Simon & Schuster)
  15. Worlds, Joe Haldeman (Viking)
  16. At the Eye of the Ocean, Hilbert Schenck (Timescape)
  17. Radix, A. A. Attanasio (Morrow)
  18. The Unreasoning Mask, Philip José Farmer (Putnam)
  19. Voyagers, Ben Bova (Doubleday)
  20. Dream Dancer, Janet Morris (Putnam)
  21. The Pride of Chanur, C. J. Cherryh (DAW)
  22. The Dreamers, James Gunn (Simon & Schuster)
  23. Twelve Fair Kingdoms, Suzette Haden Elgin (Doubleday)
  24. Giants' Star, James Hogan (Ballantine Del Rey)
  25. The Affirmation, Christopher Priest (Scribners)
  26. Deathhunter, Ian Watson (Gollancz)
  27. VALIS, Philip K. Dick (Bantam)
  28. Lilith, Jack L. Chalker (Ballantine Del Rey)
  29. Systemic Shock, Dean Ing (Ace)
  30. (tie): In the Hands of Glory, Phyllis Eisenstein (Timescape)
  31. (tie): Wave Without a Shore, C. J. Cherryh (DAW)
Fantasy Novel
  1. Winner: The Claw of the Conciliator, Gene Wolfe (Timescape)
  2. Little, Big, John Crowley (Bantam)
  3. The Changing Land, Roger Zelazny (Ballantine Del Rey)
  4. The War Hound and the World's Pain, Michael Moorcock (Timescape)
  5. The Captive, Robert Stallman (Timescape)
  6. Camber the Heretic, Katherine Kurtz (Ballantine Del Rey)
  7. The Keep, F. Paul Wilson (Morrow)
  8. Horn Crown, Andre Norton (DAW)
  9. A Sense of Shadow, Kate Wilhelm (Houghton Mifflin)
  10. Lycanthia, Tanith Lee (DAW)
  11. Path of the Eclipse, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (St. Martin's)
  12. Delusion's Master, Tanith Lee (DAW)
  13. Peregrine: Secundus, Avram Davidson (Berkley)
  14. Kingdom of Summer, Gillian Bradshaw (Simon & Schuster)
  15. Esbae: A Winter's Tale, Linda Haldeman (Avon)
  16. Journey Behind the Wind, Patricia Wrightson (Atheneum)
  17. The Sable Moon, Nancy Springer (Pocket)
  18. Madwand, Roger Zelazny (Phantasia; Ace)
  19. Gryphon in Glory, Andre Norton (Atheneum)
  20. Too Long a Sacrifice, Mildred Downey Broxon (Dell)
  21. Cujo, Stephen King (Viking)
  22. Blue Adept, Piers Anthony (Ballantine Del Rey)
First Novel
  1. Winner: Starship & Haiku, Somtow Sucharitkul (Timescape)
  2. At the Eye of the Ocean, Hilbert Schenck (Timescape)
  3. Radix, A. A. Attanasio (Morrow)
  4. The Breaking of Northwall, Paul O. Williams (Ballantine Del Rey)
  5. War Games, Karl Hansen (Playboy)
  6. The Prince of Morning Bells, Nancy Kress (Timescape)
  7. Revolution from Rosinante, Alexis Gilliland (Ballantine Del Rey)
  8. A Storm Upon Ulster, Kenneth Flint (Bantam)
  9. Under the City of Angels, Jerry Earl Brown (Bantam)
  10. Slow Fall to Dawn, Stephen Leigh (Bantam)
  11. Tintagel, Paul H. Cook (Berkley)
  12. Lanark, Alasdair Gray (Harper & Row)
  13. Pilgrimage, Drew Mendelson (DAW)
  14. Daystar and Shadow, James B. Johnson (DAW)
  15. (tie): The Former King, Adam Corby (Timescape)
  16. (tie): The Tularemia Gambit, Steve Perry (Fawcett)
  1. Winner: “Blue Champagne”, John Varley (New Voices 4)
  2. “The Saturn Game”, Poul Anderson (Analog 2 Mar 1981)
  3. “In the Western Tradition”, Phyllis Eisenstein (F&SF Mar 1981)
  4. The Desert of Stolen Dreams, Robert Silverberg (Underwood-Miller)
  5. “With Delicate Mad Hands”, James Tiptree, Jr. (Out of the Everywhere, and Other Extraordinary Visions)
  6. “Polyphemus”, Michael Shea (F&SF Aug 1981)
  7. Ealdwood, C. J. Cherryh (Donald M. Grant)
  8. “True Names”, Vernor Vinge (Binary Star #5)
  9. “The Winter Beach”, Kate Wilhelm (Redbook Sep 1981)
  10. “With Thimbles, With Forks and Hope”, Kate Wilhelm (Asimov's 23 Nov 1981)
  11. “Swarmer, Skimmer”, Gregory Benford (SF Digest Nov 1981)
  12. “Emergence”, David R. Palmer (Analog 5 Jan 1981)
  13. “The Venetian Court”, Charles L. Harness (Analog 30 Mar 1981)
  14. “Amnesia”, Jack Dann (The Berkley Showcase Vol. 3)
  15. “The Loom of Thessaly”, David Brin (Asimov's 23 Nov 1981)
  16. “Petals of Rose”, Marc Stiegler (Analog 9 Nov 1981)
  17. “Which Way to the Ends of Time?”, Michael McCollum (Analog 17 Aug 1981)
  18. “Through All Your Houses Wandering”, Ted Reynolds (Asimov's 16 Mar 1981)
  1. Winner: “Guardians”, George R. R. Martin (Analog 12 Oct 1981)
  2. “Unicorn Variation”, Roger Zelazny (Asimov's 13 Apr 1981)
  3. “The Thermals of August”, Edward Bryant (F&SF May 1981)
  4. “The Haunted Tower”, C. J. Cherryh (Sunfall)
  5. “Out of the Everywhere”, James Tiptree, Jr. (Out of the Everywhere, and Other Extraordinary Visions)
  6. “The Fire When It Comes”, Parke Godwin (F&SF May 1981)
  7. “Murder on Lupozny Station”, Michael Bishop & Gerald W. Page (F&SF Apr 1981)
  8. “Elric at the End of Time”, Michael Moorcock (Elsewhere)
  9. “Lirios: A Tale of the Quintana Roo”, James Tiptree, Jr. (Asimov's 28 Sep 1981)
  10. “The Quickening”, Michael Bishop (Universe 11)
  11. “The Giftie Gie Us”, Timothy Zahn (Analog 20 Jul 1981)
  12. “A Thousand Paces Along the Via Dolorosa”, Robert Silverberg (Twilight Zone Jul 1981)
  13. “Mummer Kiss”, Michael Swanwick (Universe 11)
  14. “Vox Olympica”, Michael Bishop (Omni Dec 1981)
  15. “The Summer's Dust”, Pamela Sargent (F&SF Jul 1981)
  16. “H-Tec”, Charles L. Harness (Analog 25 May 1981)
  17. “Stuff of Dreams”, Lewis Shiner (F&SF Apr 1981)
  18. “These Stones Will Remember”, Reginald Bretnor (Asimov's 16 Feb 1981)
  19. “Waiting for the Earthquake”, Robert Silverberg (The Best of Omni Science Fiction, No. 2)
  20. “Johnny Mnemonic”, William Gibson (Omni May 1981)
  21. “Walden Three”, Michael Swanwick (New Dimensions 12)
  22. “Mythago Wood”, Robert Holdstock (F&SF Sep 1981)
  23. “Going Under”, Jack Dann (Omni Sep 1981)
  24. “Blind Spot”, Jayge Carr (Omni Jul 1981)
  25. “Shadows on the Cave Wall”, Nancy Kress (Universe 11)
  26. “Blue Apes”, Phyllis Gotlieb (The Berkley Showcase Vol. 4)
  27. “Werewind”, J. Michael Reaves (F&SF Jul 1981)
  28. “A Thief in Ni-Moya”, Robert Silverberg (Asimov's 21 Dec 1981)
Short Story
  1. Winner: “The Pusher”, John Varley (F&SF Oct 1981)
  2. “Serpent's Teeth”, Spider Robinson (Omni Mar 1981)
  3. “The Needle Men”, George R. R. Martin (F&SF Oct 1981)
  4. “The Only Death in the City”, C. J. Cherryh (Sunfall)
  5. “Remembering Melody”, George R. R. Martin (Twilight Zone Apr 1981)
  6. “The Woman the Unicorn Loved”, Gene Wolfe (Asimov's 8 Jun 1981)
  7. “Exposures”, Gregory Benford (Asimov's 6 Jul 1981)
  8. “The Quiet”, George Florance-Guthridge (F&SF Jul 1981)
  9. “The Palace at Midnight”, Robert Silverberg (Omni Jul 1981)
  10. “Absent Thee from Felicity Awhile”, Somtow Sucharitkul (Analog 14 Sep 1981)
  11. “Executive Clemency”, Gardner Dozois & Jack C. Haldeman II (Omni Nov 1981)
  12. “The Regulars”, Robert Silverberg (Asimov's 11 May 1981)
  13. “Walk the Ice”, Mildred Downey Broxon (F&SF Jan 1981)
  14. “Forever”, Damon Knight (Omni Nov 1981)
  15. “The Shroud”, Michael McCollum (Analog 2 Mar 1981)
  16. “Disciples”, Gardner Dozois (More Wandering Stars)
  17. “Venice Drowned”, Kim Stanley Robinson (Universe 11)
  18. “Second Comings—Reasonable Rates”, Pat Cadigan (F&SF Feb 1981)
  19. “The Softest Hammer”, Charles Sheffield (F&SF Feb 1981)
  20. “The Grown-Up”, Thomas M. Disch (High Times Jul 1981)
  21. “Hinterlands”, William Gibson (Omni Oct 1981)
  22. “The Coming of the Doll”, Pat Cadigan (F&SF Jun 1981)
  23. “Mud/Aurora”, D. D. Storm (Asimov's 23 Nov 1981)
  24. “The Gernsback Continuum”, William Gibson (Universe 11)
  25. “The Bone Flute”, Lisa Tuttle (F&SF May 1981)
  26. “Casey's Empire”, Nancy Kress (F&SF Nov 1981)
  27. “Altamira”, Carter Scholz (F&SF Dec 1981)
  28. “On the Slab”, Harlan Ellison (Omni Oct 1981)
Single Author Collection
  1. Winner: Sandkings, George R. R. Martin (Timescape)
  2. Gene Wolfe's Book of Days, Gene Wolfe (Doubleday)
  3. Sunfall, C. J. Cherryh (DAW)
  4. Particle Theory, Edward Bryant (Timescape)
  5. Lord Darcy Investigates, Randall Garrett (Ace)
  6. Out of the Everywhere, and Other Extraordinary Visions, James Tiptree, Jr. (Ballantine Del Rey)
  7. Unaccompanied Sonata and Other Stories, Orson Scott Card (Dial)
  8. Paratime, H. Beam Piper (Ace)
  9. The Woman Who Loved the Moon and Other Stories, Elizabeth A. Lynn (Berkley)
  10. Listen, Listen, Kate Wilhelm (Houghton Mifflin)
  11. Distant Stars, Samuel R. Delany (Bantam)
  12. Winners, Poul Anderson (Tor)
  13. The Best of John Sladek, John Sladek (Pocket)
  14. Father to the Stars, Philip José Farmer (Tor)
  15. Hidden Variables, Charles Sheffield (Ace)
  16. Far from Home, Walter S. Tevis (Doubleday)
  17. A Life in the Day of... and Other Short Stories, Frank M. Robinson (Bantam)
  18. Time Travelers Strictly Cash, Spider Robinson (Ace)
  19. Federation, H. Beam Piper (Ace)
  20. A Glow of Candles and Other Stories, Charles L. Grant (Berkley)
  1. Winner: Shadows of Sanctuary, Robert Lynn Asprin, ed. (Ace)
  2. Universe 11, Terry Carr, ed. (Doubleday)
  3. The Best Science Fiction of the Year #10, Terry Carr, ed. (Timescape)
  4. New Voices 4, George R. R. Martin, ed. (Berkley)
  5. Flashing Swords #5: Demons and Daggers, Lin Carter, ed. (Dell)
  6. New Dimensions 12, Marta Randall & Robert Silverberg, eds. (Timescape)
  7. The 1981 Annual World's Best SF, Donald A. Wollheim, ed. with Arthur W. Saha (DAW)
  8. Dragons of Darkness, Orson Scott Card, ed. (Ace)
  9. Elsewhere, Terri Windling & Mark Alan Arnold, eds. (Ace)
  10. The Magic May Return, Larry Niven, ed. (Ace)
  11. A Treasury of Modern Fantasy, Terry Carr & Martin Harry Greenberg, eds. (Avon)
  12. Shadows 4, Charles L. Grant, ed. (Doubleday)
  13. Destinies Vol. 3, No. 1, Winter, 1981, Jim Baen, ed. (Ace)
  14. Whispers III, Stuart David Schiff, ed. (Doubleday)
  15. The Berkley Showcase Vol. 4, Victoria Schochet & John Silbersack, eds. (Berkley)
  16. Stellar #7, Judy-Lynn del Rey, ed. (Ballantine Del Rey)
  17. Fantasy Annual III, Terry Carr, ed. (Timescape)
  18. What If? Vol. 2, Richard A. Lupoff, ed. (Pocket)
  19. Isaac Asimov Presents The Great SF Stories: 5 (1943), Isaac Asimov & Martin H. Greenberg, eds. (DAW)
  20. Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume Four, Arthur C. Clarke, ed. (Gollancz)
  21. Isaac Asimov Presents The Great SF Stories: 6 (1944), Isaac Asimov & Martin H. Greenberg, eds. (DAW)
  22. After the Fall, Robert Sheckley, ed. (Ace)
  23. The Year's Best Horror Stories: Series IX, Karl Edward Wagner, ed. (DAW)
  24. More Wandering Stars, Jack Dann, ed. (Doubleday)
  25. Best Science Fiction Stories of the Year: Tenth Annual Collection, Gardner Dozois, ed. (Dutton)
  26. Nebula Winners 15, Frank Herbert, ed. (Harper & Row)
  27. The Year's Best Fantasy Stories: 7, Arthur W. Saha, ed. (DAW)
Related Nonfiction Book
  1. Winner: Danse Macabre, Stephen King (Everest)
  2. Anatomy of Wonder, 2nd Edition, Neil Barron, ed. (R.R. Bowker)
  3. The Art of Leo & Diane Dillon, Leo & Diane Dillon, edited by Byron Preiss (Ballantine)
  4. After Man, Dougal Dixon (Macmillan)
  5. The Grand Tour, Ron Miller & William K. Hartmann (Workman)
  6. PKD: A Philip K. Dick Bibliography, Daniel J. H. Levack (Underwood-Miller)
  7. The Science Fiction Reference Book, Marshall B. Tymn, ed. (Starmont)
  8. The Tanelorn Archives, Richard Bilyeu (Pandora's Books)
  9. Creating Short Fiction, Damon Knight (Writer's Digest Books)
  10. Virgil Finlay Remembered, Gerry de la Ree, ed. (de la Ree)
  11. Twentieth-Century Science-Fiction Writers, Curtis C. Smith, ed. (St. Martin's)
  12. Earth Watch, Charles Sheffield (Macmillan)
  13. Horror Literature, Marshall B. Tymn, ed. (Bowker)
  14. Fantastic Lives, Martin H. Greenberg, ed. (Southern Illinois University Press)
  15. Twentieth-Century American Science Fiction Writers, David Cowart & Thomas L. Wymer, eds. (Gale)
  16. H.P. Lovecraft: An Annotated Bibliography, S. T. Joshi (Kent State University Press)
  17. Index to the Science Fiction Magazines: 1980, Jerry Boyajian & Kenneth R. Johnson (Twaci Press)
  18. Dinosaurs, William Stout, William Service & Byron Preiss (Bantam)
  19. The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien, Humphrey Carpenter, ed. (Houghton Mifflin)
  20. A Reference Guide to American Science Fiction Films, Vol. 1, A. W. Strickland & Forrest J Ackerman (T.I.S. Publications)
  21. Index to the Science Fiction Magazines: 1979, Jerry Boyajian & Kenneth R. Johnson (Twaci Press)
  1. Winner: F&SF
  2. Locus
  3. Asimov's
  4. Analog
  5. Omni
  6. Twilight Zone
  7. Science Fiction Review
  8. Amazing Stories
  9. Fantasy Newsletter
  10. Science Fiction Chronicle
  11. Starlog
  12. Starship
  13. Patchin Review
  14. Destinies (Ace)
  15. File 770
  16. Shayol
  17. Rigel
Book Publisher
  1. Winner: Pocket/Timescape
  2. Ballantine/Del Rey
  3. DAW
  4. Ace
  5. Berkley/Putnam
  6. Science Fiction Book Club
  7. Underwood-Miller
  8. Bantam
  9. Doubleday
  10. Pinnacle/Tor
  11. Phantasia
  12. (tie): Donald M. Grant
  13. (tie): Houghton Mifflin
  14. Atheneum
  15. Gregg Press
  16. St. Martin's
  17. Playboy
  18. Donning/Starblaze

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