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Where and When: Tempe AZ : May 6, 2006
Eligibility Year: 2005
  1. Winner: “Sanctuary”, Michael A. Burstein (Analog Sep 2005)
  2. “The Diversification of Its Fancy”, John Barnes (Analog Nov 2005)
  3. “A Few Good Men”, Richard A. Lovett (Analog Jan/Feb 2005)
  4. “Chandra's Pup”, Bud Sparhawk (Analog Jul/Aug 2005)
  5. “Audubon in Atlantis”, Harry Turtledove (Analog Dec 2005)
  1. Winner: “NetPuppets”, Richard A. Lovett & Mark Niemann-Ross (Analog Jun 2005)
  2. “Mars Opposition”, David Brin (Analog Jan/Feb 2005)
  3. (tie): “Do Neanderthals Know?”, Robert J. Howe (Analog Dec 2005)
  4. (tie): “In the Loop”, Brian Plante (Analog Jul/Aug 2005)
  5. (tie): “Of Kings, Queens, and Angels”, Rajnar Vajra (Analog Jul/Aug 2005)
Short Story
  1. Winner: “Alphabet Angels”, Ekaterina Sedia & David Bartell (Analog Mar 2005)
  2. “The Inn at Mount Either”, James Van Pelt (Analog May 2005)
  3. “Letters of Transit”, Brian Plante (Analog Apr 2005)
  4. “Prayer for a Dead Paramecium”, Carl Frederick (Analog Jul/Aug 2005)
  5. “A Christmas in Amber”, Scott William Carter (Analog Dec 2005)
Fact Article
  1. Winner: “Mission to Utah: A Science Fiction Writer's Adventures at the Mars Society Desert Research Station”, Wil McCarthy (Analog Jul/Aug 2005)
  2. “The Prehistory of Global Climate Change”, Richard A. Lovett (Analog Mar 2005)
  3. “Big Brother Inc.: Surveillance, Security, and the US Citizen”, Laura M. Kelley (Analog May 2005)
  4. “Gene Doping and Other Olympic Scandals of the (Not-So-Distant) Future”, Richard A. Lovett (Analog Jun 2005)
  5. “Where Are They?”, Thomas Donaldson (Analog Jan/Feb 2005)
  1. Winner: George Krauter for “Sun of Suns” by Karl Schroeder (Analog Nov 2005)
  2. Vincent Di Fate for “Footsteps” (Analog May 2005)
  3. Vincent Di Fate for “The Stonehenge Gate” by Jack Williamson (Analog Jan/Feb 2005)
  4. Dominic Harman for Analog Oct 2005
  5. Bob Eggleton for “Of Kings, Queens, and Angels” by Rajnar Vajra (Analog Jul/Aug 2005)

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