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Eligibility Year: 1985
  1. Winner: “Spinneret”, Timothy Zahn (Analog Jul 1985)
  2. “Between the Strokes of Night”, Charles Sheffield (Analog Mar,Apr,May,Jun 1985)
  3. “The Plague Star”, George R. R. Martin (Analog Jan,Feb 1985)
  1. Winner: “Loaves and Fishes”, George R. R. Martin (Analog Oct 1985)
  2. “Manna from Heaven”, George R. R. Martin (Analog mid-Dec 1985)
  3. “World of Crystal, Sky of Fire”, Bob Buckley (Analog Oct 1985)
  4. “The Road Not Taken”, Harry Turtledove (Analog Nov 1985)
  5. “Rockabye Baby”, S. C. Sykes (Analog mid-Dec 1985)
Short Story
  1. Winner: “A Touch Beyond”, Stephen L. Burns (Analog Jan 1985)
  2. “Gertrude”, P. M. Fergusson (Analog May 1985)
  3. “Cycles”, Don Sakers (Analog Jan 1985)
  4. “The R Strain”, Eric G. Iverson (Analog Jun 1985)
  5. “The Man of Peace”, Stephen L. Burns (Analog mid-Dec 1985)
Fact Article
  1. Winner: “Just How Dangerous Is the Galaxy?”, David Brin (Analog Jul 1985)
  2. “The Postdiluvian World”, Stephen L. Ph. D. Gillett (Analog Nov 1985)
  3. “Russians to Mars?”, James E. Oberg (Analog Sep 1985)
  4. “The Lost Dimensions of Reality”, John Gribbin (Analog Apr 1985)
  5. “Hot Rocks and Water”, Richard Patrick Terra (Analog Mar 1985)
  1. Winner: David Hardy for “The Postdiluvian World” (Analog Nov 1985)
  2. David Hardy for “World of Crystal, Sky of Fire” (Analog Oct 1985)
  3. Vincent Di Fate for “Between the Strokes of Night” (Part 1) by Charles Sheffield (Analog Mar 1985)
  4. Vincent Di Fate for “Between the Strokes of Night” (Part 4) by Charles Sheffield (Analog Jun 1985)
  5. Doug Beekman for “Spinneret” (Analog Jul 1985)

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