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Eligibility Year: 1991
  1. Winner: “Ode to Joy”, Dean McLaughlin (Analog Jul 1991)
  2. “Home Is Where…”, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff (Analog Nov 1991)
  3. “Contact”, Jerry Oltion & Lee Goodloe (Analog Nov 1991)
  4. “Rescue Run”, Anne McCaffrey (Analog Aug 1991)
  5. “Gold”, Isaac Asimov (Analog Sep 1991)
Short Story
  1. Winner: “The Cold Solution”, Don Sakers (Analog Jul 1991)
  2. “A Roll of Round Dice”, Stephen L. Burns (Analog mid-Dec 1991)
  3. “Enemy of the State”, Jack C. Haldeman II (Analog Aug 1991)
  4. “Business as Usual”, Amy Bechtel (Analog Jul 1991)
  5. “Driven by Moonlight”, Sarah Zettel (Analog Dec 1991)
Fact Article
  1. Winner: “The Mote in NASA's Eye”, Charles Sheffield (Analog Oct 1991)
  2. “Mars Direct: A Proposal for the Rapid Exploration and Colonization of the Red Planet”, Robert M. Zubrin & David A. Baker (Analog Jul 1991)
  3. “Global Catastrophes and Mass Extinctions”, Jeff Hecht (Analog May 1991)
  4. (tie): “Hydrogen Time”, Marc Davenport (Analog Feb 1991)
  5. (tie): “Whatever Happened to the Little Ice Age?”, John Gribbin (Analog Dec 1991)
  6. “Once and Future Mars”, Martyn J. Fogg (Analog Jan 1991)
  1. Winner (tie): Nicholas Jainschigg for “Glass Houses” by Laura Mixon (Analog Dec 1991)
  2. Winner (tie): Kelly Freas for “Try a Little Touch” by Robert R. Chase (Analog mid-Dec 1991)
  3. Val Lakey Lindahn & Sean Lakey for “Barrayar” (Analog Jul 1991)
  4. Nicholas Jainschigg for “Den of Sorrow” (Analog Mar 1991)
  5. Broeck Steadman for “Gloriously Bright” (Analog Jan 1991)
  6. Nicholas Jainschigg for “The Great Unknown” (Analog Apr 1991)

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