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Where and When: London : March 7, 2016
Eligibility Year: 2015
Red Tentacle (novel)
Golden Tentacle (debut Novel)
Inky Tentacle (cover Art)
  • Winner: Jet Purdie for The Door that Led to Where by Sally Gardner (Hot Key Books) (art direction and design JT; illustration by Dover Publications Inc & Shutterstock)
  • Alex Merto for Get In Trouble by Kelly Link (Canongate)
  • Peter Adlington for The Honours by Tim Clare (Canongate) (design and illustration)
  • Jet Purdie & Patrick Leger for Monsters by Emerald Fennell (Hot Key Books) (art direction by JT; illustration by PL)
  • Pablo Declan for The Vorrh by Brian Catling (Coronet)
Invisible Tentacle (natively Digital Fiction)
  • Winner: LIFE IS STRANGE (Square Enix) (
  • Arcadia, Iain Pears (Faber/Touchpress) (
  • Bloodborne (Hidetaka Miyazaki/FromSoftware) (
  • Daniel Barker's Birthday (@FrogCroakley) (
  • The Last Hours of Laura K (BBC Writer's Room) (
Black Tentacle (judges' Discretion)
  • Winner: Patrick Ness, for the genre community, personified by Ness, for the response to the humanitarian refugee crisis
Novel and debut winners were selected by judges Nazia Khatun, Sarah Lotz, Glen Mehn, Nikesh Shukla, and James Smythe. Judges for art were Dapo Adeola, Sarah McIntyre, Lauren O’Farrell, and Regan Warner. Judges for Digital Fiction were Rebecca Levene, Em Short, and James Wallis.

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