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Where and When: MidAmericon II, Kansas City MO : August 20, 2016
Eligibility Year: 1940
Associated With: Hugo Awards
Short Story
Graphic Story
  • Winner: Batman #1 (Detective Comics Spr 1940)
  • Captain Marvel: “Introducing Captain Marvel”, Bill Parker & C. C. Beck (Whiz Comics #2 Feb 1940)
  • Flash Gordon: “The Ice Kingdom of Mongo”, Alex Raymond & Don Moore (King Features Syndicate Apr 1940)
  • The Origin of the Spirit, Will Eisner (Register and Tribune Syndicate Jun 1940)
  • The Spectre: “The Spectre"/"The Spectre Strikes!”, Jerry Siegel & Bernard Baily (More Fun Comics #52/53, Feb/Mar 1940)
Dramatic Presentation, Short Form
  • Winner: Pinocchio (written by Ted Sears et al., directed by Ben Sharpsteen and Hamilton Luske; Walt Disney Productions, RKO Radio Pictures)
  • The Adventures of Superman: “The Baby from Krypton” (written by George Ludlam, produced by Frank Chase; WOR)
  • The Invisible Man Returns (written by Joe May, Kurt Siodmak, and Lester Cole, directed by Joe May; Universal Pictures)
  • Looney Tunes: “You Ought to Be in Pictures” (written by Jack Miller, directed by Friz Freleng; Warner Bros.)
  • Merrie Melodies: “A Wild Hare” (written by Rich Hogan, directed by Tex Avery; Warner Bros.)
Dramatic Presentation, Long Form
  • Winner: Fantasia (written by Joe Grant and Dick Huemer, directed by Samuel Armstrong et al.; Walt Disney Productions, RKO Radio Pictures)
  • Dr. Cyclops (written by Tom Kilpatrick, directed by Ernest B. Schoedsack; Paramount Pictures)
  • Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (written by George H. Plympton, Basil Dickey, and Barry Shipman, directed by Ford Beebe and Ray Taylor; Universal Pictures)
  • One Million B.C. (written by Mickell Novack, George Baker, and Joseph Frickert, directed by Hal Roach and Hal Roach, Jr.; United Artists)
  • The Thief of Bagdad (written by Lajos Bíró and Miles Malleson, directed by Michael Powell, Ludwig Berger, and Tim Whelan; London Films, United Artists)

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