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— 2021 —
sf novel Project Hail Mary, Andy Weir
fantasy novel (including paranormal) Battle Ground, Jim Butcher
YA/middle grade novel A Wizard's Guide to Defensive Baking, T. Kingfisher
military SF/F novel Gun Runner, Larry Correia & John D. Brown
alternate history novel 1637: No Peace Beyond the Line, Eric Flint & Charles E. Gannon
media tie-in novel Firefly: Generations, Tim Lebbon
horror novel The Hollow Places, T. Kingfisher
comic book X-Men, Jonathan Hickman & Mahmud Asrar
graphic novel The Magicians: New Class, Lev Grossman, Lilah Sturges & Pius Bak
SF/F TV series The Expanse
SF/F movie The Old Guard
— 2020 —
sf novel The Last Emperox, John Scalzi
fantasy novel (including paranormal) The Starless Sea, Erin Morgenstern
YA/middle grade novel Finch Merlin and the Fount of Youth, Bella Forrest
military SF/F novel Savage Wars, Jason Anspach & Nick Cole
alternate history novel Witchy Kingdom, D. J. Butler
media tie-in novel Firefly: The Ghost Machine, James Lovegrove
horror novel The Twisted Ones, T. Kingfisher
comic book Avengers, Jason Aaron & Ed McGuinness
graphic novel Battlestar Galactica: Counterstrike!, John Jackson Miller & Daniel HDR
SF/F TV series The Mandalorian
SF/F movie Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
— 2019 —
sf novel A Star-Wheeled Sky, Brad R. Torgersen
fantasy novel (including paranormal) House of Assassins, Larry Correia
YA/middle grade novel Bloodwitch, Susan Dennard
military SF/F novel Uncompromising Honor, David Weber
alternate history novel Black Chamber, S. M. Stirling
media tie-in novel Star Wars: Thrawn: Alliances, Timothy Zahn
horror novel Little Darlings, Melanie Golding
comic book Saga, Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples
graphic novel X-Men: Grand Design: Second Genesis, Ed Piskor
SF/F TV series Good Omens
SF/F movie Avengers: Endgame
— 2018 —
sf novel Artemis, Andy Weir
fantasy novel (including paranormal) Oathbringer, Brandon Sanderson
YA/middle grade novel Children of Blood and Bone, Tomi Adeyemi
military SF/F novel A Call to Vengeance, David Weber, Timothy Zahn & Thomas Pope
alternate history novel Uncharted, Kevin J. Anderson & Sarah A. Hoyt
media tie-in novel Leia: Princess of Alderan, Claudia Gray
horror novel Sleeping Beauties, Stephen King & Owen King
comic book Mighty Thor, Jason Aaron & Russell Dauterman
graphic novel Brandon Sanderson's White Sand: Volume 1, Brandon Sanderson, Rik Hoskin & Julius M. Gopez
SF/F TV series Game of Thrones
SF/F movie Black Panther
— 2017 —
sf novel Babylon's Ashes, James S. A. Corey
fantasy novel Monster Hunter Memories: Grunge, Larry Correia & John Ringo
YA/middle grade novel The Hammer of Thor, Rick Riordan
military SF/F novel Iron Dragoons, Richard Fox
alternate history novel Fallout: The Hot War, Harry Turtledove
apocalyptic novel Walkaway, Cory Doctorow
horror novel The Changeling, Victor Lavalle
comic book The Dresden Files: Dog Men
graphic novel Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files: Wild Card, Jim Butcher & Carlos Gomez
SF/F TV series Stranger Things
SF/F movie Wonder Woman
— 2016 —
sf novel Somewhither: A Tale of the Unwithering Realm, John C. Wright
fantasy novel Son of the Black Sword, Larry Correia
YA/middle grade novel The Shepherd's Crown, Terry Pratchett
military SF/F novel Hell's Foundations Quiver, David Weber
alternate history novel League of Dragons, Naomi Novik
apocalyptic novel Ctrl Alt Revolt!, Nick Cole
horror novel Souldancer, Brian Niemeier
comic book Ms. Marvel
graphic novel The Sandman: Overture, Neil Gaiman & J. H. Williams III
SF/F TV series Game of Thrones
SF/F movie The Martian

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