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Eligibility Year: 2020
Short Poem
  • Winner: “Summer Time(lessness)”, Linda D. Addison (Star*Line 43.4)
  • Second Place: “Why did white people conquer the world for spices and then never use them?”, R. Thursday (Drunk Monkeys 16 Nov 2020)
  • Third Place: “Darning”, Sandra J. Lindow (Asimov's May/Jun 2020)
Long Poem
  • Winner: “Eleven Exhibits in a Better Natural History Museum, London”, Jenny Blackford (Strange Horizons 14 Sep 2020)
  • Second Place: “A Song from Bedlam (with apologies to Christopher Smart)”, Nike Sulway (Liminality Spr 2020)
  • Third Place: “Devilish Incarnations”, Bruce Boston (Star*Line 43.1)
winners announced July 2021

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