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<— Nebula Awards —> 2023
Winners announced: June 8, 2024
Where: Pasadena CA

Eligibility Year: 2023
Associated Awards: Ray Bradbury Award, Andre Norton Award, SFWA Grand Master Award (also listed below)
  • Winner: “The Year Without Sunshine”, Naomi Kritzer (Uncanny Nov/Dec 2023)
  • I Am AI, Ai Jiang (Shortwave)
  • “Imagine: Purple-Haired Girl Shooting Down the Moon”, Angela Liu (Clarkesworld Jun 2023)
  • “Saturday's Song”, Wole Talabi (Lightspeed May 2023)
  • “A Short Biography of a Conscious Chair”, Renan Bernardo (Samovar Feb 2023)
  • “Six Versions of My Brother Found Under the Bridge”, Eugenia Triantafyllou (Uncanny Sep/Oct 2023)
Short Story
  • Winner: “Tantie Merle and the Farmhand 4200”, R. S. A. Garcia (Uncanny Jul/Aug 2023)
  • “Bad Doors”, John Wiswell (Uncanny Jan/Feb 2023)
  • “Better Living Through Algorithms”, Naomi Kritzer (Clarkesworld May 2023)
  • “Once Upon a Time at The Oakmont”, P. A. Cornell (Fantasy Oct 2023)
  • “The Sound of Children Screaming”, Rachael K. Jones (Nightmare Oct 2023)
  • “Window Boy”, Thomas Ha (Clarkesworld Aug 2023)
Game Writing
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