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Robert Silverberg, ed.

Arbor House, 1983

A third Silverberg Arbor House anthology followed in 1983, a companion to the earlier volumes with an expanded scope: "to trace the evolution of today's science fiction by linking the earlier 'mainstream' s-f literature to the best of the pulp-magazine work of modern writers." The lower boundary is set at Edgar Allan Poe; the upper boundary is the year of the book's publication.

As with Silverberg's first Arbor House anthology, there is some overlap with his earlier Alpha anthologies; 12 of the stories here appeared earlier in those nine volumes.

  1. “Mellonta Tauta”, Edgar Allan Poe (Godey's Lady’s Book Feb 1849)
  2. “In the Year 2889”, Jules Verne (The Forum Feb 1889)
  3. “Sold to Satan”, Mark Twain (Europe and Elsewhere, 1923)
  4. “The New Accelerator”, H. G. Wells (The Strand Dec 1901)
  5. “Finis”, Frank L. Pollock (Argosy Jun 1906)
  6. “As Easy as A.B.C.”, Rudyard Kipling (The London Magazine Mar 1912 (+1))
  7. “Dark Lot of One Saul”, M. P. Shiel (The Grand Magazine Feb 1912)
  8. R.U.R., Karel Capek (Oxford University Press/Humphrey Milford 1923)
  9. “The Tissue-Culture King”, Julian Huxley (The Yale Review Apr 1926)
  10. “The Metal Man”, Jack Williamson (Amazing Dec 1928)
  11. “The Gostak and the Doshes”, Miles J. Breuer (Amazing Mar 1930)
  12. “Alas, All Thinking!”, Harry Bates (Astounding Jun 1935)
  13. “The Mad Moon”, Stanley G. Weinbaum (Astounding Dec 1935)
  14. “As Never Was”, P. Schuyler Miller (Astounding Jan 1944)
  15. “Desertion”, Clifford D. Simak (Astounding Nov 1944)
  16. “The Strange Case of John Kingman”, Murray Leinster (Astounding May 1948)
  17. “Dreams Are Sacred”, Peter Phillips (Astounding Sep 1948)
  18. “Misbegotten Missionary”, Isaac Asimov (Galaxy Nov 1950)
  19. “Dune Roller”, Julian May (Astounding Dec 1951)
  20. “Warm”, Robert Sheckley (Galaxy Jun 1953)
  21. “A Bad Day for Sales”, Fritz Leiber (Galaxy Jul 1953)
  22. “Man of Parts”, H. L. Gold (9 Tales of Space and Time, 1954)
  23. “The Man Who Came Early”, Poul Anderson (F&SF Jun 1956)
  24. “The Burning of the Brain”, Cordwainer Smith (If Oct 1958)
  25. “The Men Who Murdered Mohammed”, Alfred Bester (F&SF Oct 1958)
  26. “The Man Who Lost the Sea”, Theodore Sturgeon (F&SF Oct 1959)
  27. “Goodlife”, Fred Saberhagen (Worlds of Tomorrow Dec 1963)
  28. “The Sliced-Crosswise Only-On-Tuesday World”, Philip Jose Farmer (New Dimensions I, 1971)
  29. “Gehenna”, Barry N. Malzberg (Galaxy Mar 1971)
  30. “A Meeting with Medusa”, Arthur C. Clarke (Playboy Dec 1971)
  31. “Painwise”, James Tiptree, Jr. (F&SF Feb 1972)
  32. “Nobody's Home”, Joanna Russ (New Dimensions II, 1972)
  33. “Think Only This of Me”, Michael Kurland (Galaxy Nov 1973)
  34. “Capricorn Games”, Robert Silverberg (The Far Side of Time, 1974)
  35. “'The Author of the Acacia Seeds' and Other Extracts from the Journal of the Association of Therolinguistics”, Ursula K. Le Guin (Fellowship of the Stars, 1974)
  36. “Travels”, Carter Scholz (IASFM Apr 1980)
  37. “Doing Lennon”, Gregory Benford (Analog Apr 1975)

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