The Arbor House Treasury of Great Science Fiction Short Novels

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Robert Silverberg & Martin H. Greenberg, eds.

Arbor House, 1980

The follow-up to Silverberg's earlier Arbor House anthology focuses on short novels, or novellas, and discusses the difficulty of reprinting notable works of these lengths in anthologies with limited space. (Silverberg did an earlier, paperback anthology, Great Short Novels of Science Fiction, that just preceded in 1970 the first volume of his Alpha series. That book included 3 of the 15 stories here.)

Though a companion to the earlier Arbor House anthology, Silverberg slightly relaxes that one's scope; one story here was published in 1945, and Silverberg's introduction mentions that one story was written as early as 1941.

  1. “Beyond Bedlam”, Wyman Guin (Galaxy Aug 1951)
  2. “Equinoctial”, John Varley (Ascents of Wonder, 1977)
  3. “By His Bootstraps”, Robert A. Heinlein (Astounding Oct 1941)
  4. “The Golden Helix”, Theodore Sturgeon (Thrilling Wonder Stories Sum 1954)
  5. “Born with the Dead”, Robert Silverberg (F&SF Apr 1974)
  6. “Second Game”, Charles V. De Vet & Katherine MacLean (Astounding Mar 1958)
  7. “The Dead Past”, Isaac Asimov (Astounding Apr 1956)
  8. “The Road to the Sea”, Arthur C. Clarke (Two Complete Science-Adventure Books Spr 1951)
  9. “The Star Pit”, Samuel R. Delany (Worlds of Tomorrow Feb 1967)
  10. “Giant Killer”, A. Bertram Chandler (Astounding Oct 1945)
  11. “A Case of Conscience”, James Blish (If Sep 1953)
  12. “Dio”, Damon Knight (Infinity Science Fiction Sep 1957)
  13. “Houston, Houston, Do You Read?”, James Tiptree, Jr. (Aurora: Beyond Equality, 1976)
  14. “On the Storm Planet”, Cordwainer Smith (Galaxy Feb 1965)
  15. “The Miracle-Workers”, Jack Vance (Astounding Jul 1958)

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