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Robert Silverberg, ed.

Warner Books, 1987

Like The Mirror of Infinity, this volume combines stories with critical analysis, but this time Silverberg provides all the critical essays, and does so in the context of personal reminiscences about his career and the development of his own standards for what constitute good science fiction stories. The book opens with a 34-page autobiographical essay, "The Making of a Science-Fiction Writer."

  1. “Four in One”, Damon Knight (Galaxy Feb 1953)
  2. “Fondly Fahrenheit”, Alfred Bester (F&SF Aug 1954)
  3. “No Woman Born”, C. L. Moore (Astounding Dec 1944)
  4. “Home Is the Hunter”, Henry Kuttner (Galaxy Jul 1953)
  5. “The Monsters”, Robert Sheckley (F&SF Mar 1953)
  6. “Common Time”, James Blish (Science Fiction Quarterly Aug 1953)
  7. “Scanners Live in Vain”, Cordwainer Smith (Fantasy Book #6 1950)
  8. “Hothouse”, Brian W. Aldiss (F&SF Feb 1961)
  9. “The New Prime”, Jack Vance (Worlds Beyond Feb 1951)
  10. “Colony”, Philip K. Dick (Galaxy Jun 1953)
  11. “The Little Black Bag”, C. M. Kornbluth (Astounding Jul 1950)
  12. “Light of Other Days”, Bob Shaw (Analog Aug 1966)
  13. “Day Million”, Frederik Pohl (Rogue Feb/Mar 1966)

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