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Robert Silverberg & Martin H. Greenberg, eds.

Arbor House, 1980

This first of several Arbor House anthologies designed to be modern definitive volumes of SF (and fantasy and horror) followed the last volume of Silverberg's Alpha series by two years, with more than a few stories that had appeared in those volumes (13, to be precise), reappearing among the 39 stories here. Like the Alpha volumes, then, this Arbor House volume represents Silverberg's personal taste and standards for excellence in SF, as much as it does a historical assessment of the field.

Silverberg's introduction explicitly recalls the two big 1946 anthologies, Adventures in Time and Space and The Best of Science Fiction, and so he deliberately scopes this volume to include nothing written before 1946, to provide a modern supplement to those earlier standards.

  1. “Angel's Egg”, Edgar Pangborn (Galaxy Jun 1951)
  2. “Rescue Party”, Arthur C. Clarke (Astounding May 1946)
  3. “Shape”, Robert Sheckley (Galaxy Nov 1953)
  4. “Alpha Ralpha Boulevard”, Cordwainer Smith (F&SF Jun 1961)
  5. “Winter's King”, Ursula K. Le Guin (Orbit 5, 1969)
  6. “Or All the Seas with Oysters”, Avram Davidson (Galaxy May 1958)
  7. “Common Time”, James Blish (Science Fiction Quarterly Aug 1953)
  8. “When You Care, When You Love”, Theodore Sturgeon (F&SF Sep 1962)
  9. “The Shadow of Space”, Philip Jose Farmer (If Nov 1967)
  10. “'All You Zombies—'”, Robert A. Heinlein (F&SF)
  11. “I'm Scared”, Jack Finney (Colliers Sep 15 1951)
  12. “Child's Play”, William Tenn (Astounding Mar 1947)
  13. “Grandpa”, James H. Schmitz (Astounding Feb 1955)
  14. “Private Eye”, Henry Kuttner (Astounding Jan 1949)
  15. “Sundance”, Robert Silverberg (F&SF Jun 1969)
  16. “In the Bowl”, John Varley (F&SF Dec 1975)
  17. “Kaleidoscope”, Ray Bradbury (Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct 1949)
  18. “Unready to Wear”, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (Galaxy Apr 1953)
  19. “Wall of Crystal, Eye of Night”, Algis Budrys (Galaxy Dec 1961)
  20. “Day Million”, Frederik Pohl (Rogue Feb/Mar 1966)
  21. “Hobson's Choice”, Alfred Bester (F&SF Aug 1952)
  22. “The Gift of Gab”, Jack Vance (Astounding Sep 1955)
  23. “The Man Who Never Grew Young”, Fritz Leiber (Night's Black Agents, 1947)
  24. “Neutron Star”, Larry Niven (If Oct 1966)
  25. “Impostor”, Philip K. Dick (Astounding Jun 1953)
  26. “The Human Operators”, Harlan Ellison & A. E. van Vogt (F&SF Jan 1971)
  27. “Poor Little Warrior!”, Brian W. Aldiss (F&SF Apr 1958)
  28. “When It Changed”, Joanna Russ (Again, Dangerous Visions, 1972)
  29. “The Bicentennial Man”, Isaac Asimov (Stellar, 1976)
  30. “Hunting Machine”, Carol Emshwiller (Science Fiction Stories May 1957)
  31. “Light of Other Days”, Bob Shaw (Analog Aug 1966)
  32. “The Keys to December”, Roger Zelazny (New Worlds Aug 1966)
  33. “Of Mist, and Grass, and Sand”, Vonda N. McIntyre (Analog Oct 1973)
  34. “A Galaxy Called Rome”, Barry N. Malzberg (F&SF Jul 1975)
  35. “Stranger Station”, Damon Knight (F&SF Dec 1956)
  36. “The Time of His Life”, Larry Eisenberg (F&SF Apr 1968)
  37. “The Marching Morons”, C. M. Kornbluth (Galaxy Apr 1951)
  38. “The Women Men Don't See”, James Tiptree, Jr. (F&SF Dec 1973)
  39. “The Queen of Air and Darkness”, Poul Anderson (F&SF Apr 1971)

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