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Groff Conklin, ed.

Crown, 1950

Conklin's anthologies compiled famous stories of their time, but they reflect their era. Some two dozen stories in his second, third, and fourth anthologies compiled here are by authors new to this database -- stories that have never been reprinted in any other 'tome' anthologies compiled here.

  1. “Mr. Murphy of New York”, Thomas McMorrow (The Saturday Evening Post Mar 22 1930)
  2. “The Diminishing Draft”, Waldemar Kaempffert (All-Story Weekly Feb 9 1918)
  3. “Peacebringer”, Ward Moore (Amazing Mar 1950)
  4. “A Matter of Form”, H. L. Gold (Astounding Dec 1938)
  5. “The Planetoid of Doom”, Morrison F. Colladay (Wonder Stories Dec 1932)
  6. “One Leg Too Many”, W. Alexander (Amazing Oct 1929)
  7. “The Man with the Strange Head”, Miles J. Breuer (Amazing Jan 1927)
  8. “Defense Mechanism”, Katherine MacLean (Astounding Oct 1949)
  9. “Margin for Error”, Lewis Padgett (Astounding Nov 1947)
  10. “Isolationist”, Mack Reynolds (Fantastic Adventures Apr 1950)
  11. “Nobody Saw the Ship”, Murray Leinster (Future May/Jun 1950)
  12. “Mewhu's Jet”, Theodore Sturgeon (Astounding Nov 1946)
  13. “The Outer Limit”, Graham Doar (The Saturday Evening Post Dec 24 1949)
  14. “Rat Race”, John de Courcy & Dorothy de Courcy (Startling Stories Sep 1948)
  15. “Dear Devil”, Eric Frank Russell (Other Worlds Science Stories May 1950)
  16. “Emergency Landing”, Ralph Williams (Astounding Jul 1940)
  17. “The Ship That Turned Aside”, Green Peyton (Amazing Mar 1930)
  18. “Manna”, Peter Phillips (Astounding Feb 1949)
  19. “The Long Dawn”, Noel Loomis (Super Science Stories Jan 1950)
  20. “E for Effort”, T. L. Sherred (Astounding May 1947)
  21. “The Roger Bacon Formula”, Fletcher Pratt (Amazing Jan 1929)
  22. “The Wings of Night”, Lester del Rey (Astounding Mar 1942)
  23. “Desertion”, Clifford D. Simak (Astounding Nov 1944)
  24. “Contact, Incorporated”, Robertson Osborne (Planet Stories Fll 1949)
  25. “"Arena"”, Fredric Brown (Astounding Jun 1944)
  26. “Culture”, Jerry Shelton (Astounding Sep 1944)
  27. “In the Year 2889”, Jules Verne (The Forum Feb 1889)
  28. “Forever and the Earth”, Ray Bradbury (Planet Stories Spr 1950)
  29. “The Miniature”, John D. MacDonald (Super Science Stories Sep 1949)
  30. “Sanity”, Fritz Leiber (Astounding Apr 1944)
  31. “The Only Thing We Learn”, C. M. Kornbluth (Startling Stories Jul 1949)
  32. “Not with a Bang”, Damon Knight (F&SF Win/Spr 1950)

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