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Groff Conklin, ed.

Crown, 1948

Groff Conklin was a prolific anthologist from the mid-1940s through the 1960s -- a sort of predecessor to Martin H. Greenberg. He began with four big anthologies (which we'll call "tomes") beginning with Best of Science Fiction in 1946, almost simultaneously with the rather more famous Adventures in Time and Space, edited by Raymond J. Healy & J. Francis McComas. But unlike those editors, Conklin went on to produce three more big anthologies, and a couple dozen of what we'd call "theme" anthologies, over the next couple decades. Which will be compiled here eventually.

  1. “The Nightmare”, Chan Davis (Astounding May 1946)
  2. “Tomorrow's Children”, Poul Anderson & F. N. Waldrop (Astounding Mar 1947)
  3. “The Last Objective”, Paul A. Carter (Astounding Aug 1946)
  4. “Loophole”, Arthur C. Clarke (Astounding Apr 1946)
  5. “The Figure”, Edward Grendon (Astounding Jul 1947)
  6. “The Great Fog”, H. F. Heard (The Great Fog and Other Weird Tales, 1944)
  7. “The Chrysalis”, P. Schuyler Miller (Astounding Apr 1936)
  8. “Living Fossil”, L. Sprague de Camp (Astounding Feb 1939)
  9. “N Day”, Philip Latham (Astounding Jan 1946)
  10. “With Folded Hands...”, Jack Williamson (Astounding Jul 1947)
  11. “No Woman Born”, C. L. Moore (Astounding Dec 1944)
  12. “With Flaming Swords”, Cleve Cartmill (Astounding Sep 1942)
  13. “Children of the 'Betsy B'”, Malcolm Jameson (Astounding Mar 1939)
  14. “Child's Play”, William Tenn (Astounding Mar 1947)
  15. “The Person from Porlock”, Raymond F. Jones (Astounding Aug 1947)
  16. “Juggernaut”, A. E. van Vogt (Astounding Aug 1944)
  17. “The Eternal Man”, Drury D. Sharp (Science Wonder Stories Aug 1929)
  18. “Mimsy Were the Borogoves”, Lewis Padgett (Astounding Feb 1943)
  19. “Time and Time Again”, H. Beam Piper (Astounding Apr 1947)
  20. “Housing Shortage”, Harry Walton (Astounding Jan 1947)
  21. “Flight of the Dawn Star”, Robert Moore Williams (Astounding Mar 1938)
  22. “Vintage Season”, Henry Kuttner & C. L. Moore, as by Lawrence O'Donnell (Astounding Sep 1946)
  23. “Of Jovian Build”, Oscar J. Friend (Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct 1938)
  24. “Wings Across the Cosmos”, Polton Cross (Thrilling Wonder Stories Jun 1938)
  25. “The Embassy”, Martin Pearson (Astounding Mar 1942)
  26. “Dark Mission”, Lester del Rey (Astounding Jul 1940)
  27. “The Ethical Equations”, Murray Leinster (Astounding Jun 1945)
  28. “It's Great to Be Back!”, Robert A. Heinlein (The Saturday Evening Post Jul 26 1947)
  29. “Tools”, Clifford D. Simak (Astounding Jul 1942)
  30. “Rescue Party”, Arthur C. Clarke (Astounding May 1946)

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