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Groff Conklin, ed.

Crown, 1952

Conklin's anthologies compiled famous stories of their time, but they reflect their era. Some two dozen stories in his second, third, and fourth anthologies compiled here are by authors new to this database -- stories that have never been reprinted in any other 'tome' anthologies compiled here.

  1. “John Thomas's Cube”, John Leimert (Atlantic Monthly Aug 1945)
  2. “Hyperpilosity”, L. Sprague de Camp (Astounding Apr 1938)
  3. “The Thing in the Woods”, Fletcher Pratt & B. F. Ruby (Amazing Feb 1935)
  4. “And Be Merry...”, Katherine MacLean (Astounding Feb 1950)
  5. “The Bees from Borneo”, Will H. Gray (Amazing Feb 1931)
  6. “The Rag Thing”, David Grinnell (F&SF Oct 1951)
  7. “The Conqueror”, Mark Clifton (Astounding Aug 1952)
  8. “Never Underestimate...”, Theodore Sturgeon (If Mar 1952)
  9. “The Doorbell”, David H. Keller (Wonder Stories Jun 1934)
  10. “A Subway Named Mobius”, A. J. Deutsch (Astounding Dec 1950)
  11. “Backfire”, Ross Rocklynne (Astounding Jan 1943)
  12. “The Box”, James Blish (Thrilling Wonder Stories Apr 1949)
  13. “Zeritsky's Law”, Ann Warren Griffith (Galaxy Nov 1951)
  14. “The Fourth Dynasty”, R. R. Winterbotham (Astounding Dec 1936)
  15. “The Colour Out of Space”, H. P. Lovecraft (Amazing Sep 1927)
  16. “The Head Hunters”, Ralph Williams (Astounding Oct 1951)
  17. “The Star Dummy”, Anthony Boucher (Fantastic Fll 1952)
  18. “Catch That Martian”, Damon Knight (Galaxy Mar 1952)
  19. “Shipshape Home”, Richard Matheson (Galaxy Jul 1952)
  20. “Homo Sol”, Isaac Asimov (Astounding Sep 1940)
  21. “Alexander the Bait”, William Tenn (Astounding May 1946)
  22. “Kaleidoscope”, Ray Bradbury (Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct 1949)
  23. “'Nothing Happens on the Moon'”, Paul Ernst (Astounding Feb 1939)
  24. “Trigger Tide”, Wyman Guin (Astounding Oct 1950)
  25. “Plague”, Murray Leinster (Astounding Feb 1944)
  26. “Winner Lose All”, Jack Vance (Galaxy Dec 1951)
  27. “Test Piece”, Eric Frank Russell (Other Worlds Science Stories Mar 1951)
  28. “Environment”, Chester S. Geier (Astounding May 1944)
  29. “High Threshold”, Alan E. Nourse (Astounding Mar 1951)
  30. “Spectator Sport”, John D. MacDonald (Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb 1950)
  31. “Recruiting Station”, A. E. van Vogt (Astounding Mar 1942)
  32. “A Stone and a Spear”, Raymond F. Jones (Galaxy Dec 1950)
  33. “What You Need”, Lewis Padgett (Astounding Oct 1945)
  34. “The Choice”, Wayland Hilton-Young (Punch Mar 19 1952)
  35. “The War Against the Moon”, Andre Maurois (The Forum Jul 1927)
  36. “Pleasant Dreams”, Ralph Robin (Galaxy Oct 1951)
  37. “Manners of the Age”, H. B. Fyfe (Galaxy Mar 1952)
  38. “The Weapon”, Fredric Brown (Astounding Apr 1951)
  39. “The Scarlet Plague”, Jack London (The London Magazine Jun 1912)
  40. “Heritage”, Robert Abernathy (Astounding Jun 1942)
  41. “History Lesson”, Arthur C. Clarke (Startling Stories May 1949)
  42. “Instinct”, Lester del Rey (Astounding Jan 1952)
  43. “Counter Charm”, Peter Phillips (Slant Spr 1951)

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