Chesley Awards 1985

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Where and When: NASFiC, Austin TX : September 1, 1985
Eligibility Year: 1984-1985
Hardcover Cover
Paperback Cover
Magazine Cover
  • Winner: Bob Walters for “Promises to Keep” by Jack McDevitt (Asimov's Dec 1984)
  • J. K. Potter for “Dinner in Audoghast” by Bruce Sterling (Asimov's May 1985)
Interior Illustration
  • Winner: Dell Harris for Analog Mar 1985
  • Bob Walters for “Marooned on Planet Earth” by Thomas Wylde (Asimov's Mar 1985)
  • Bob Walters for True Names by Vernor Vinge (Bluejay)
Color Work, Unpublished
Black And White, Unpublished
Artistic Achievement
Special Award: Asfa Contributor

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