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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
St. Clair, Eric
St. Clair, Margaret
George, Carlie St.
St. James, Emily
St. John, J. Allen
St. Martin, Robert
Stabenow, Dana
Stableford, Brian
Stace, Wesley
Stacey, Holly
Stackpole, Michael A.
Stacy, Patrick
Stadalsky, Scot
Stadnyk, Greg
Staebler, Tom
Staehle, Will
Stafford, Rose
Stafford, Trevor
Stage, Zoje
Staicar, Tom
Staig, Laurence
Staines, Rima
Stålenhag, Simon
Staley, Shane Ryan
Stall, Michael
Stallman, Heidi
Stallman, Robert
Stamey, Sara
Stamps, Arthur E. III
Stanat, Dug
Stanchfield, Justin
Standish, Timothy
Stanford, Don
Stanish, Deborah
Stanko, John
Stanley, George
Stanley, Melissa Sue
Stanley, Norman F.
Stanley, Richard
Stanley, Stephen R.
Stanton, Andrew
Stanton, Hebe
Stanton, Joseph
Stanton, L. Jerome
Stanton, Mary
Stanton, Matt
Stanton, Sarah
Stanton, Will
Stapledon, Olaf
Staples, Fiona
Staples, Greg
Starger, Steve
Starke, Ruth
Starkey, David
Starkey, Julia
Starkey, Maurine
Starks, Megan
Starlin, Jim
Starling, Caitlin
Starr, Bill
Stasheff, Christopher
Stathis, Lou
Stathopoulos, Nick
Stavans, Ilan
Staveley, Brian
Stawicki, Matt
Stead, Rebecca
Steadman, Broeck
Steadman, E. T.
Steadman, Ralph
Stearns, Charles A.
Stearns, Stephanie
Stec, Greg
Stecher, L. J.
Steele, Allen
Steele, Dr. J. Kevin
Steele, Justin
Steele, Linda
Steele, Mary Q.
Steele, Wilbur Daniel
Steffan, Daniel J.
Steffen, David
Stefko, Joe
Stegg, Annie
Steiber, Ellen
Steimberg, Alejo
Stein, Diana Harlan
Stein, Garth
Stein, Jeanne C.
Steinacker, Dustin
Steinbauer, Anna
Steinbeck, John
Steiner, Melody
Steiner, Pat R.
Steinfield, J. J.
Steinmetz, Ferrett
Stelfreeze, Brian
Stemple, Adam
Stenbock, Count Stanislaus Erik
Stenstrum, Jim
Stephens, Ellipsis Hana
Stephens, James
Stephens, Michael
Stephenson, Andrew M.
Stephenson, Neal
Stephenson, Robert N.
Steranko, Jim
Sterba, Monica
Sterle, Lisa
Sterling, Bruce
Stern, Edie
Stern, Steve
Sternbach, Rick
Sterns, Aaron
Stetsenko, Bogdan
Stevanovic, Ivica
Stevens, Brooke
Stevens, Dave
Stevens, Francis
Stevens, John
Stevens, Madeline
Stevens, Milt
Stevens-Arce, James
Stevenson, David
Stevenson, Jennifer
Stevenson, Keith
Stevenson, Melissa Colleen
Stevenson, Noelle
Stevenson, Robert Louis
Stevermer, Caroline
Stewart, Alan
Stewart, Andrea
Stewart, Briony
Stewart, Cameron
Stewart, Dave
Stewart, E. R.
Stewart, Fred Mustard
Stewart, George R.
Stewart, Ian
Stewart, Jean
Stewart, John
Stewart, Joshua J.
Stewart, Justin
Stewart, Larry
Stewart, Mary
Stewart, Matthew
Stewart, Robert
Stewart, Sean
Stewart, W. Gregory
Stewen, Lawrence
Stickgold, Bob
Stiefvater, Maggie
Stiegler, Marc
Stiles, Paula R.
Stiles, Steve
Still, Henry
Stine, Alison
Stine, G. Harry
Stine, R. L.
Stinson, Janine
Stirling, Kristen
Stirling, Penny
Stirling, S. M.
Stith, John E.
Stockham, Richard
Stocks, Del & Dennis
Stockton, Frank R.
Stoddard, James
Stoddard, Jason
Stoker, Bram
Stoker, Dacre
Stokes, Keith
Stokes, Tawn
Stokoe, James
Stolarczyk, John T.
Stolnack, Scott A.
Stone Dragons (Tom and Sue Jeffers)
Stone, A. R.
Stone, Chase
Stone, Darci
Stone, Del, Jr.
Stone, Eric James
Stone, Graham
Stone, Grant
Stone, Josephine Rector
Stone, Leslie F.
Stone, Lucy
Stone, M. David
Stone, Preston
Stone, Sam
Stone, Sathya
Stone, Steve
Stoney, Leland
Stong, Phil
Storer, Jen
Storey, Peter
Stork, Matthew
Storm, D. D.
Storr, Catherine
Storrs, Graham
Story, Kate
Stott, Romie
Stotts, Taneka
Stout, Amy
Stout, Rex
Stout, William
Stoutenburg, Adrien
Stover, Leon E.
Stover, Matthew Woodring
Stow, Randolph
Stowe, Harriet Beecher
Straatmann, Nick
Straczynski, J. Michael
Strahan, Jonathan
Strahan, Mike
Strand, Jeff
Strantzas, Simon
Strasser, Dirk
Stratmann, H. G.
Straub, Emma
Straub, Peter
Strauss, Erwin S. "Filthy Pierre"
Strauss, Gwen
Strauss, Victoria
Strawbridge, Kate
Streeter, Tamara
Strete, Craig
Stribling, T. S.
Strickland, A. W.
Strickland, Brad
Strickland, Clint
Strieber, Whitley
Stringer, David
Strobl, Karl Hans
Strock, Ian Randal
Stronach, Chris
Stronach, Sascha
Strong, Karen
Stroock, William
Stroomer, Charlotte
Stross, Charles
Stroud, Allen
Stroud, Jonathan
Stroyar, J. N.
Strugatsky, Arkady
Strugatsky, Arkady & Boris
Strugatsky, Boris
Struther, Jan
Struzan, Drew
Strychacz, Thomas
Stuart, Alasdair
Stuart, Don A.
Stuart, Frank S.
Stuart, James
Stuart, William W.
Stubbs, Helen
Stubbs, Katharine
Stueart, Jerome
Stuecken, Matthew
Stufflebeam, Bonnie Jo
Sturgeon, Noel
Sturgeon, Theodore
Sturges, Lilah
Sturgis, Susanna J.
Stutts, Robert E.
Styron, William
Su, Josephine
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