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Where and When: Pittsburgh PA, SFWA Nebula Awards Weekend : May 20, 2017
Eligibility Year: 2016
  1. Winner: “The Coward's Option”, Adam-Troy Castro (Analog Mar 2016)
  2. “Wyatt Earp 2.0”, Wil McCarthy
  3. “The Soul Behind the Face”, Adam-Troy Castro
  4. “Progress Report”, Rajnar Vajra
  5. “The Journeyman: Into the Great North Wood”, Michael F. Flynn
  1. Winner: “Detroit Hammersmith: Zero-Gravity Toilet Repairman [Retired]”, Suzanne Palmer (Analog Sep 2016)
  2. “Dreams of the Rocket Men”, C. Stuart Hardwick
  3. “Diamond Jim and the Dinosaurs”, Rosemary Claire Smith
  4. “Playthings”, Stephen L. Burns
  5. “Prodigal”, Gord Sellar
Short Story
  1. Winner: “In the Absence of Instructions to the Contrary”, Frank Wu (Analog Nov 2016)
  2. “The Continuing Saga of Tom Corbett, Space Cadet”, James Van Pelt
  3. “Death of a Starship Poet”, James Van Pelt
  4. “The Battle of Ceres”, Karl Bunker
  5. (tie): “Jewels from the Sky”, Brendan DuBois
  6. (tie): “Rocket Surgery”, Effie Seiberg
Fact Article
  1. Winner: “Energy for the Future”, Richard A. Lovett (Analog Jul/Aug 2016)
  2. “Dawn Comes to the Asteroid Belt”, Richard A. Lovett
  3. “A Mind of Its Own, Pts. 1 & 2”, Edward M. Lerner
  4. “Human 2.0: Being All We Can Be, Pts. 1 & 2”, Edward M. Lerner
  5. “Here We Go Loopedly Loop, Pts. 1 & 2”, Edward M. Lerner
  1. Winner: “Somebody I Used to Love Asks Me Who Marie Curie Is”, Carly Rubin (Analog Mar 2016)
  2. “Black Hole Blues”, G. O. Clark
  3. “Paint It Black”, Bruce Boston
  4. “Final Dispatch”, Robert Frazier
  5. “Soft Collision”, Scott E. Green & Herb Kauderer
  1. Winner: Vincent Di Fate for Analog Dec 2016
  2. Bob Eggleton for Analog Jun 2016
  3. Eldar Zakirov for Analog Mar 2016
  4. Bob Eggleton for Analog Apr 2016
  5. (tie): Sandeep Karunakaran for Analog Oct 2016
  6. (tie): Maurizio Manzieri for Analog Jan/Feb 2016

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