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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Grace, David
Grace, Gerry
Grace, Meg
Graciano, Lucas -C -T
Grae, Camarin
Graff, Rani
Graffet, Didier
Graham, Daniel, Jr.
Graham, Howard W., Ph.d.
Graham, Jo
Graham, Kim
Graham, Neile
Graham, P. Anderson
Graham, Philip
Graham, Ron
Graham, Seana
Grahame, Kenneth
Grahame-Smith, Seth
Grahn, Judy
Grandin, Emily
Grant, Charles L. -C -T
Grant, Donald M. -C
Grant, Gavin J. -C -T
Grant, Glenn -C -T
Grant, James L.
Grant, John -C -T
Grant, John Linwood
Grant, Maxwell
Grant, Michael
Grant, Mira -C -T
Grant, Pat
Grant, Richard -C -T
Grant, Rob
Grant, Susan -C -T
Grant, Taylor
Grant-West, Lars
Grass, Günter
Grassmann, Preston
Grasty, William K.
Grau, T. E.
Gravel, Geary
Graves, Lucia
Graves, R. M.
Graves, Rain
Graves, Robert
Gravett, Paul
Gray, Alasdair
Gray, Amelia
Gray, Claudia
Gray, Gary
Gray, Lora
Gray, Luli
Gray, Muriel
Gray, Nicholas
Gray, T. E.
Gray, Will H.
Grayson, James
Graziadei, Phil
Greason, Jeff
Greathouse, J. T.
Greatorex, James
Grecco, Colette
Greeley, Andrew M.
Green, Amanda S.
Green, Carol Ann Kerry
Green, Christopher
Green, David
Green, Dominic -C -T
Green, Gerald
Green, Ian
Green, Jen
Green, Jonathan
Green, Joseph
Green, Marguerite Devers
Green, Michael
Green, Misha
Green, Richard Firth
Green, Robert M., Jr.
Green, Roger Lancelyn
Green, Roland J.
Green, Sacchi
Green, Sam
Green, Scott E.
Green, Sharon
Green, Simon R.
Green, Terence M. -C -T
Green, Tim
Green, William H.
Greenaway, Jonathan
Greenberg, Alvin
Greenberg, Joanne
Greenberg, Martin
Greenberg, Martin H. -C -T
Greenberg, Nicki
Greenberg, Stanley R.
Greenblatt, A. T. -C -T
Greenburg, J. C.
Greene, Ben
Greene, Graham
Greene, Gregory
Greene, John
Greene, Sanford
Greene, Tom
Greener, Mark
Greenfield, Jeff
Greenhalgh, Zohra
Greenland, Colin -C -T
Greenwood, Ed
Greenwood, John
Greenwood, Kerry
Greenwood, Nick
Greer, Andrew Sean
Greg, Percy
Gregor, Lee
Gregorian, Joyce Ballou
Gregory, Chris
Gregory, D. Alexander
Gregory, Daryl -C -T
Gregory, Owen
Gregory, Roge
Gregory, Stephen
Gregov, Ivan
Grell, Mike
Grendon, Edward
Grendon, Stephen
Gresh, Lois H.
Gresham, William Lindsay
Grey, April
Grey, Charles
Grey, Edwina
Grey, John
Grey, Michael
Grey, Orrin
Greyland, Moira
Greyson, Kim
Gribbin, John -C -T
Gribbin, Mary
Gric, Peter
Griffin, Bo
Griffin, Hayley
Griffin, Jane Whittington
Griffin, Marni Scofidio
Griffin, Michael
Griffin, Peni R.
Griffin, Russell
Griffin, Scott Tracy
Griffin, Suzanna
Griffith, Ann Warren
Griffith, George
Griffith, Nicola -C -T
Griffiths, Katrina
Grigg, David
Griggs, Claudine
Griggs, Eleanor
Grigorev, Vladimir
Grilo, Ana -C
Grimando, Scott
Grimm, Jacob
Grimm, Wilhelm
Grimsley, Jim -C -T
Grimson, Todd
Grimwood, Ken
Grin, Aleksandr
Grin, Leo
Griner, Paul
Grinnell, David
Griswold, Amy
Griswold, Eliza
Griswold, Jerry
Gritton, Steve
Groce, James
Groell, Anne Lesley
Groover, Brian
Gropp, Richard
Groppi, Susan Marie -C -T
Gross, Marion
Gross, Peter -C -T
Grossbach, Robert
Grossman, Edith
Grossman, Lev -C -T
Grossman, Michael
Grotkowski, Elizabeth
Grotkowski, James
Grotta, Sally Wiener
Grove, Frederick
Grove, S. E.
Grove, Walt
Groves, J. W.
Grow, Julian F.
Grubb, Davis
Gruber, Andreas
Gruber, J. Mackye
Gruber, Michael
Grudova, Camilla
Grumer, Avram
Grundy, Stephan
Grunert, Carl
Grunert, Karl
Gry, Ann
Grybauskas, Peter
Grzyb, Liz -C -T
Gu, Congyun 'Mu Ming'
Guan, Sarah
Guara, Ig
Guarino, Bettyann
Guay, Rebecca -C -T
Gudino, Rod
Guenther, David
Guéra, R. M.
Guérin, Nicolas
Guerin, Ted
Guerra, Pia
Guignard, Eric J. -C -T
Guillen, Ellen
Guimarães, Alex
Guin, Wyman
Guinan, Paul
Gulde, Sarah
Gullen, David
Gullidge, John
Gün, Günneli
Gunn, Eileen -C -T
Gunn, Ian -C -T
Gunn, James -C -T
Gunn [2], James
Gunn, Neil M.
Gunn, Stephanie -C -T
Gunnells, Mark Allan
Gunnison, Julia
Gunther, Gregory J.
Gupta, Abhijit
Gupton, Michael Channing
Guran, Paula -C -T
Gurel, Alexandra
Gurevich, G.
Gurgu, Costi
Gurk, Paul
Gurley, Jason
Gurney, James -C -T
Gurudata, Andrew
Gust, Michael
Gustafson, Jon
Gustafson, Scott -C -T
Gustainis, Justin
Guthke, Karl
Guthridge, George -C -T
Guthridge, Marcia
Guthrie, Brian
Gutierrez, Alan -C -T
Guttenberg, Elyse
Guttierez, Alan
Guttridge, Len
Guttridge, Marilyn
Guy, Rosa
Guymer, David
Gwinn, Beth
Gwynne, John
Gyles, Gordon A.
Gyllblad, Jennie
Gyzander, Carol
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