Dell Magazines Award 2020

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2021 <— Dell Magazines Award —> 2019
Where and When: International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, Orlando, FL : February 10, 2021
First Runner-up
  • “The Death of F209-5”, Cyrus Lloyd (Vanderbilt University)
Second Runner-up
Third Runner-up
  • “Dragon Fall”, Grace Yang (Indiana University-Bloomington)
Honorable Mention
  • “Cell Culture”, Alexandra Rose Nagele (University of Pennsylvania)
  • “Halfsies”, Claire Spaulding (Columbia University)
  • “The Last Deer in Heaven”, M. H. Chau (Brown University)
  • “Ode to Andromeda”, Moe Kirkpatrick (University of British Columbia)
  • “Things to Bring, Things to Burn, Things Best Left Behind”, C. E. McGill (North Carolina State University)

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