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Eligibility Year: 1996
  1. Winner: “Primrose and Thorn”, Bud Sparhawk (Analog May 1996)
  2. “Symphony in a Minor Key”, H. G. Stratmann (Analog Oct 1996)
  3. “Fugue on a Sunken Continent”, G. David Nordley (Analog Nov 1996)
  4. “A Pillar of Stars by Night”, Alexis Glynn Latner (Analog Jan 1996)
  1. Winner: “The Three Labors of Bubba”, Bud Webster (Analog Jun 1996)
  2. “Amateurs”, Tom Ligon (Analog Jul 1996)
  3. “Gerry Boomers”, A. J. Austin & Daniel Hatch (Analog Dec 1996)
  4. “Martian Valkyrie”, G. David Nordley (Analog Jan 1996)
  5. “Alexandrian Librarians”, Stephen L. Burns (Analog Jan 1996)
Short Story
  1. Winner: “Living It Is the Best Revenge”, Ian Randal Strock (Analog Feb 1996)
  2. “The Content of Their Character”, Doug Larsen (Analog Jun 1996)
  3. “Fluffy”, Jeffery D. Kooistra (Analog Jun 1996)
  4. “When There's a Will, There's a Way”, Grey Rollins (Analog Feb 1996)
  5. (tie): “Appointment in Sinai”, Ben Bova (Analog Jun 1996)
  6. (tie): “A Replant Day Carol”, John Vester (Analog Dec 1996)
Fact Article
  1. Winner: “The Coming of the Money Card: Boon or Bane?”, Ian Randal Strock (Analog Oct 1996)
  2. “Prospectus”, Tom Ligon (Analog Jul 1996)
  3. “Population and the Future”, Thomas A. Easton & Stephen L. Gillett (Analog Jan 1996)
  4. “Will They Let the Spaceships Fly?”, G. Harry Stine (Analog May 1996)
  5. “The Future of Computers”, Robert A. Freitas, Jr. (Analog Mar 1996)
  1. Winner: George H. Krauter for “Primrose and Thorn” by Bud Sparhawk (Analog May 1996)
  2. Wolf Read for “Fugue on a Sunken Continent” (Analog Nov 1996)
  3. Keith Scaife for Analog Aug 1996
  4. Todd Lockwood for “The Three Labors of Bubba” (Analog Jun 1996)
  5. Jim Burns for “Starplex” (Analog Oct 1996)

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