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Gardner Dozois, ed.

St. Martin's, 1992

As Robert Silverberg did for Arbor House a decade earlier, Gardner Dozois produced three big anthologies in the 1990s for St. Martin's. (Actually this first Dozois volume was published in the UK by Legend (as The Legend Book of Science Fiction) a year before its US release, but it was St. Martin's in the US who followed up with two additional volumes in matching formats.) Dozois' introduction emphasizes that the book contains stories that most impacted him as a reader, rather than being any kind of historical overview or objective compilation. Thus his lower historical boundary is the mid-1950s, about the time he started reading SF himself.

He also notes that he omitted famous stories by Keyes, Clarke, Asimov, et al, for being already heavily anthologized -- and includes a long list of other stories he would have liked to have used.

  1. “The Country of the Kind”, Damon Knight (F&SF Feb 1956)
  2. “Aristotle and the Gun”, L. Sprague de Camp (Astounding Feb 1958)
  3. “The Other Celia”, Theodore Sturgeon (Galaxy Mar 1957)
  4. “Casey Agonistes”, Richard McKenna (F&SF Sep 1958)
  5. “Mother Hitton's Littul Kittons”, Cordwainer Smith (Galaxy Jun 1961)
  6. “The Moon Moth”, Jack Vance (Galaxy Aug 1961)
  7. “The Golden Horn”, Edgar Pangborn (F&SF Feb 1962)
  8. “The Lady Margaret”, Keith Roberts (Impulse Apr 1966)
  9. “This Moment of the Storm”, Roger Zelazny (F&SF Jun 1966)
  10. “Narrow Valley”, R. A. Lafferty (F&SF Sep 1966)
  11. “Driftglass”, Samuel R. Delany (If Jun 1967)
  12. “The Worm That Flies”, Brian W. Aldiss (The Farthest Reaches, 1968)
  13. “The Fifth Head of Cerberus”, Gene Wolfe (Orbit 10, 1972)
  14. “Nobody's Home”, Joanna Russ (New Dimensions II, 1972)
  15. “Her Smoke Rose Up Forever”, James Tiptree, Jr. (Final Stage, 1974)
  16. “The Barrow”, Ursula K. Le Guin (F&SF Oct 1976)
  17. “Particle Theory”, Edward Bryant (Analog Feb 1977)
  18. “The Ugly Chickens”, Howard Waldrop (Universe 10, 1980)
  19. “Going Under”, Jack Dann (Omni Sep 1981)
  20. “Salvador”, Lucius Shepard (F&SF Apr 1984)
  21. “Pretty Boy Crossover”, Pat Cadigan (IASFM Jan 1986)
  22. “The Pure Product”, John Kessel (IASFM Mar 1986)
  23. “The Winter Market”, William Gibson (Vancouver Nov 1985)
  24. “Chance”, Connie Willis (IASFM May 1986)
  25. “The Edge of the World”, Michael Swanwick (Full Spectrum 2, 1989)
  26. “Dori Bangs”, Bruce Sterling (IASFM Sep 1989)

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