The Prentice Hall Anthology of Science Fiction and Fantasy

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Garyn G. Roberts, ed.

Prentice-Hall, 2001

This "teaching anthology" appeared in 2001, and as a textbook, is very expensive -- Amazon currently lists it at $133 new. The listing here is based on the compilation in William G. Contento's Locus Index to Science Fiction.

  1. “The Mortal Immortal”, Mary Shelley (The Keepsake, 1834 1833)
  2. “The Fall of the House of Usher”, Edgar Allan Poe (Burton's Gentlemen’s Magazine Sep 1839)
  3. “Young Goodman Brown”, Nathaniel Hawthorne (New England Magazine Apr 1835)
  4. “The Old Nurse's Story”, E. C. Gaskell (Household Words Christmas 1852)
  5. “The Signalman”, Charles Dickens (All the Year Round Christmas 1866)
  6. “The Ghost in the Cap'n Brown House”, Harriet Beecher Stowe (Atlantic Monthly Dec 1870)
  7. “The Body-Snatcher”, Robert Louis Stevenson (The Pall Mall Magazine Christmas 1884)
  8. “The Damned Thing”, Ambrose Bierce (Tales from New York Town Topics Dec 7 1893)
  9. “Dracula's Guest”, Bram Stoker (Dracula's Guest, 1914)
  10. “The Monkey's Paw”, W. W. Jacobs (Harper's Monthly Sep 1902)
  11. “The Colour Out of Space”, H. P. Lovecraft (Amazing Sep 1927)
  12. “The Three Marked Pennies”, Mary Elizabeth Counselman (Weird Tales Aug 1934)
  13. “Catnip”, Robert Bloch (Weird Tales Mar 1948)
  14. “The Lottery”, Shirley Jackson (New Yorker Jun 26 1948)
  15. “To Serve Man”, Damon Knight (Galaxy Nov 1950)
  16. “The Third Level”, Jack Finney (Colliers Oct 7 1950)
  17. “The Howling Man”, Charles Beaumont (Rogue Nov 1959)
  18. “Duel”, Richard Matheson (Playboy Apr 1971)
  19. “The Raft”, Stephen King (Gallery Nov 1982)
  20. “Nightcrawlers”, Robert R. McCammon (Masques, 1984)
  21. “The Gray Wolf”, George MacDonald (Works of Fancy and Imagination, 1871)
  22. “The People of the Pit”, A. Merritt (All-Story Weekly Jan 5 1918)
  23. “Friend Island”, Francis Stevens (All-Story Weekly Sep 7 1918)
  24. “The City of the Singing Flame”, Clark Ashton Smith (Wonder Stories Jul 1931)
  25. “The Tower of the Elephant”, Robert E. Howard (Weird Tales Mar 1933)
  26. “Smoke Ghost”, Fritz Leiber (Unknown Oct 1941)
  27. “The Strange Drug of Dr. Caber”, Lord Dunsany (The Fourth Book of Jorkens, 1947)
  28. “Anything Box”, Zenna Henderson (F&SF Oct 1956)
  29. “The Drowned Giant”, J. G. Ballard (The Terminal Beach, 1964)
  30. “Red as Blood”, Tanith Lee (F&SF Jul 1979)
  31. “The Malaysian Mer”, Jane Yolen (Neptune Rising, 1982)
  32. “Troll Bridge”, Neil Gaiman (Snow White, Blood Red, 1993)
  33. “Thirteen Phantasms”, James P. Blaylock (Omni Online Oct 1996)
  34. “The Diamond Lens”, Fitz-James O'Brien (Atlantic Monthly Jan 1858)
  35. “The Clock that Went Backwards”, Edward Page Mitchell (The Sun Sep 18 1881)
  36. “An Express of the Future”, Jules Verne (The Strand Jan 1895)
  37. “The Star”, H. G. Wells (The Graphic Christmas 1897)
  38. “The Ray of Displacement”, Harriet Spofford (Metropolitan Magazine Oct 1903)
  39. “The Eggs from Lake Tanganyika”, Curt Siodmak (Amazing Jul 1926)
  40. “The Fate of the Poseidonia”, Clare Winger Harris (Amazing Jun 1927)
  41. “The Conquest of Gola”, Leslie F. Stone (Wonder Stories Apr 1931)
  42. “Robot Nemesis”, Edward E. Smith (Thrilling Wonder Stories Jun 1939)
  43. “A Martian Odyssey”, Stanley G. Weinbaum (Wonder Stories Jul 1934)
  44. “Robbie”, Isaac Asimov (Super Science Stories Sep 1940)
  45. “Jay Score”, Eric Frank Russell (Astounding May 1941)
  46. “The Weapon Shop”, A. E. van Vogt (Astounding Dec 1942)
  47. “'Arena'”, Fredric Brown (Astounding Jun 1944)
  48. “Thunder and Roses”, Theodore Sturgeon (Astounding Nov 1947)
  49. “That Only a Mother”, Judith Merril (Astounding Jun 1948)
  50. “Enchantress of Venus”, Leigh Brackett (Planet Stories Fll 1949)
  51. “The Long Watch”, Robert A. Heinlein (The American Legion Magazine Dec 1949)
  52. “There Will Come Soft Rains”, Ray Bradbury (Colliers May 6 1950)
  53. “Invasion”, Frank Belknap Long (Startling Stories Jul 1950)
  54. “The Harpers of Titan”, Edmond Hamilton (Startling Stories Sep 1950)
  55. “The Sentinel”, Arthur C. Clarke (Ten Story Fantasy Spr 1951)
  56. “Pictures Don't Lie”, Katherine MacLean (Galaxy Aug 1951)
  57. “The Lovers”, Philip Jose Farmer (Startling Stories Aug 1952)
  58. “Mousetrap”, Andre Norton (F&SF Jun 1954)
  59. “Fondly Fahrenheit”, Alfred Bester (F&SF Aug 1954)
  60. “Exiles of Tomorrow”, Marion Zimmer Bradley (Fantastic Universe Mar 1955)
  61. “Dust Rag”, Hal Clement (Astounding Sep 1956)
  62. “Or All the Seas with Oysters”, Avram Davidson (Galaxy May 1958)
  63. “The Store of the Worlds”, Robert Sheckley (Playboy Sep 1959)
  64. “Harrison Bergeron”, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (F&SF Oct 1961)
  65. “Without a Thought”, Fred Saberhagen (If Jan 1963)
  66. “The Fiend”, Frederik Pohl (Playboy Apr 1964)
  67. “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale”, Philip K. Dick (F&SF Apr 1966)
  68. “Driftglass”, Samuel R. Delany (If Jun 1967)
  69. “The Jigsaw Man”, Larry Niven (Dangerous Visions, 1967)
  70. “The Last Flight of Dr. Ain”, James Tiptree, Jr. (Galaxy Mar 1969)
  71. “Seed Stock”, Frank Herbert (Analog Apr 1970)
  72. “Roommates”, Harry Harrison (The Ruins of Earth, 1971)
  73. “When It Changed”, Joanna Russ (Again, Dangerous Visions, 1972)
  74. “The Undercity”, Dean Koontz (Future City, 1973)
  75. “Opening Fire”, Barry N. Malzberg (The New Mind, Frontiers 2, 1973)
  76. “The Engine at Heartspring's Center”, Roger Zelazny (Analog Jul 1974)
  77. “Ender's Game”, Orson Scott Card (Analog Aug 1977)
  78. “Melancholy Elephants”, Spider Robinson (Analog Jun 1982)
  79. “Burning Chrome”, William Gibson (Omni Jul 1982)
  80. “Blood Music”, Greg Bear (Analog Jun 1983)
  81. “Bloodchild”, Octavia E. Butler (IASFM Jun 1984)
  82. “The Plague Star”, George R. R. Martin (Analog Jan, Feb 1985)
  83. “Remaking History”, Kim Stanley Robinson (Other Edens II, 1988)
  84. “The Purchase of Earth”, Jack Williamson (Science Fiction Age Jul 1998)

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