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Brian W. Aldiss, ed.

Penguin, 1973

Brian Aldiss, the most prominent British editor of anthologies, began with three small paperback volumes for Penguin Books, Penguin Science Fiction (1961), More Penguin Science Fiction (1963), and Yet More Penguin Science Fiction (1964), that were subsequently gathered into this Omnibus in 1973, the same year that Aldiss published in influential Billion Year Spree: The True History of Science Fiction.

The cover shown here is of a 1986 reissue edition.

  1. “Sole Solution”, Eric Frank Russell (Fantastic Universe Apr 1956)
  2. “Lot”, Ward Moore (F&SF May 1953)
  3. “The Short-Short Story of Mankind”, John Steinbeck (Lilliput Nov 1955)
  4. “Skirmish”, Clifford D. Simak (Amazing Dec 1950)
  5. “Poor Little Warrior!”, Brian W. Aldiss (F&SF Apr 1958)
  6. “Grandpa”, James H. Schmitz (Astounding Feb 1955)
  7. “The Half Pair”, A. Bertram Chandler (New Worlds Nov 1957)
  8. “Command Performance”, Walter M. Miller, Jr. (Galaxy Nov 1952)
  9. “Nightfall”, Isaac Asimov (Astounding Sep 1941)
  10. “The Snowball Effect”, Katherine MacLean (Galaxy Sep 1952)
  11. “The End of Summer”, Algis Budrys (Astounding Nov 1954)
  12. “Track 12”, J. G. Ballard (New Worlds Apr 1958)
  13. “The Monkey Wrench”, Gordon R. Dickson (Astounding Aug 1951)
  14. “The First Men”, Howard Fast (F&SF Feb 1960)
  15. “Counterfeit”, Alan E. Nourse (Thrilling Wonder Stories Aug 1952)
  16. “The Greater Thing”, Tom Godwin (Astounding Feb 1954)
  17. “Built Up Logically”, Howard Schoenfeld (Retort Win 1949)
  18. “The Liberation of Earth”, William Tenn (Future May 1953)
  19. “An Alien Agony”, Harry Harrison (New Worlds Sep 1962)
  20. “The Tunnel Under the World”, Frederik Pohl (Galaxy Jan 1955)
  21. “The Store of the Worlds”, Robert Sheckley (Playboy Sep 1959)
  22. “Jokester”, Isaac Asimov (Infinity Science Fiction Dec 1956)
  23. “Pyramid”, Robert Abernathy (Astounding Jul 1954)
  24. “The Forgotten Enemy”, Arthur C. Clarke (King's College Review Dec 1948)
  25. “The Wall Around the World”, Theodore R. Cogswell (Beyond Fantasy Fiction Sep 1953)
  26. “Protected Species”, H. B. Fyfe (Astounding Mar 1951)
  27. “Before Eden”, Arthur C. Clarke (Amazing Jun 1961)
  28. “The Rescuer”, Arthur Porges (Analog Jul 1962)
  29. “I Made You”, Walter M. Miller, Jr. (Astounding Mar 1954)
  30. “The Country of the Kind”, Damon Knight (F&SF Feb 1956)
  31. “MS. Found in a Chinese Fortune Cookie”, C. M. Kornbluth (F&SF Jul 1957)
  32. “The Cage”, A. Bertram Chandler (F&SF Jun 1957)
  33. “Eastward Ho!”, William Tenn (F&SF Oct 1958)
  34. “The Windows of Heaven”, John Brunner (New Worlds May 1956)
  35. “Common Time”, James Blish (Science Fiction Quarterly Aug 1953)
  36. “Fulfillment”, A. E. van Vogt (New Tales of Space and Time, 1951)

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