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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Paasilinna, Arto
Pablos, Sergio
Pace, Tom
Pachter, Josh
Pacín, Vladimir Hernández
Pacitti, Fabrizio
Packer, John -C
Padawer, Craig
Padgett, Lewis
Padmanabhan, Manjula
Padua, Sydney
Paffenroth, Kim
Page, Gerald W. -C -T
Page, Michael R.
Page, Ra
Page, Shannon
Pagel, Stephen -C -T
Paget, Colum
Paine, J. Lincoln
Paine, Michael
Paiva, Jean
Pak, Chris
Pakidko, Douglas
Palahniuk, Chuck -C -T
Palencar, John Jude -C -T
Paleo, Lyn
Palinko, Karen
Palisano, John -C -T
Pallot, Terry
Palmatier, Joshua
Palmer, Ada -C -T
Palmer, Chase
Palmer, Dave
Palmer, David R. -C -T
Palmer, Dexter
Palmer, Raymond A. -C
Palmer, Sarah
Palmer, Suzanne -C -T
Palmer-Lister, Cathy
Palmer-Patel, C.
Paltock, Robert
Palumbo, Anthony
Palumbo, David -C -T
Palumbo, Donald
Palwick, Susan -C -T
Pamelina H
Pancake, Breece D'j
Pancake, David Lee
Panchyk, Dave
Pancoast, Ryan
Panegyres, Anthony
Panepinto, Lauren -C -T
Pang, Y. M.
Pangborn, Edgar -C -T
Pangborn, Mary
Paniccia, Jana
Panich, Jovan
Panitch, Mimi
Panshin, Alexei -C -T
Panshin, Cory
Pantazis, Steve
Pantoja, Mark
Panzino, Dustin D.
Paoletti, Marc
Paolinelli, Richard
Paolini, Christopher
Paquette, Aaron
Paramonov, Alex
Pardoe, Rosemary -C -T
Paredes, Horacio V.
Paretsky, Sara
Parish-Whittaker, David
Parisi, Susan
Parisien, Dominik -C -T
Park, Jason
Park, John
Park, Paul -C -T
Park, Ruth
Park, Severna -C -T
Park, Silvia
Parker, Bill
Parker, Chelle
Parker, Jake
Parker, John
Parker, K. J. -C -T
Parker, Nathan
Parker, Richard
Parker, Rosalie -C -T
Parker, Sarah
Parker, Shane
Parkes, Michael -C -T
Parkin, Scott R.
Parkinson, Bob
Parkinson, Keith -C -T
Parkinson, T. L.
Parks, Joy
Parks, Morgan
Parks, Phil
Parks, Richard -C -T
Parnov, Yeremei
Parra, A.
Parra, Albert Solanes
Parrillo, Lucio
Parrish, Maxfield
Parrish, Rhonda
Parry, Glyn
Partington, Charles
Partridge, Michael
Partridge, Norman -C -T
Parypinski, Joanna
Parzybok, Benjamin
Pascal, Francine
Pascoe, Nyssa
Pasechnick, Steve
Passarella, J. G.
Pasternak, Robert
Pastor, V. "Ben"
Pastrana, Jason
Paterson, Derek
Paton Walsh, Jill
Patri, Scott
Patrick, Den
Patrick, Erin
Patrick, Lee F.
Patten, Fred -C
Patterson, Ama
Patterson, James
Patterson, Kent
Patterson, Teresa -C
Patterson, William H., Jr.
Patton, Fiona
Patton, Regina
Patton, Ripley
Paul, Barbara
Paul, Cinco
Paul, Frank R.
Paul, Herb
Pauling, Sarah
Paull, Laline
Paulos, Jason
Pauls, Cole
Pauls, Ted
Paulsen, Steven -C -T
Pautz, Peter D.
Paver, Michelle
Pavey, Jack
Pavic, Milorad
Pavlat, Bob & Peggy Rae
Pavletich, Maree
Pavletich, Matthew
Pawley, Andrea M.
Paxson, Diana L. -C -T
Payack, Peter
Payes, Rachel C.
Payne, Ben
Payne, C. F.
Payne, Francis
Payne, Michael H. -C -T
Payne, Rebecca J.
Payseur, Charles
Payton, Mark
Payton, Taylor
Paz, Octavio
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