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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Anastasiu, Heather
Ancharov, Mikhail
Ancona, George
Andermahr, Sonya
Anders, Charlie Jane -C -T
Anders, Lou -C -T
Andersen, Hans Christian
Andersen, Lars Braad
Anderson, Aaron
Anderson, Barth -C -T
Anderson, C. L.
Anderson, Chester
Anderson, Colleen -C -T
Anderson, Darrel
Anderson, David Lee
Anderson, Doug
Anderson, Douglas A.
Anderson, E. Kristin
Anderson, G. V.
Anderson, Graham
Anderson, Joan
Anderson, Karen
Anderson, Kari-Ann
Anderson, Kevin J. -C -T
Anderson, Leslie
Anderson, M. T.
Anderson, Melanie R.
Anderson, Nathalie
Anderson, Poul -C -T
Anderson, R. J.
Anderson, Richard -C -T
Anderson, Robert G.
Anderson, Scoular
Anderson, Sherwood
Anderson, Susan
Anderson, Taylor
Anderson, Timothy
Anderson, Tom
Anderson, Wayne
Andersson, C. Dean
Anderton, Jo -C -T
Andreadis, Athena
Andre-Driussi, Michael
Andreissen, David
Andreottola, Marc
Andrews, Allen
Andrews, Arlan, Sr.
Andrews, Chris
Andrews, Dr. Arlan, Sr.
Andrews, Mark
Andrews, Scott H. -C
Andrews, Scott K.
Andrews, V. C.
Andreyev, Leonid
Andreyko, Marc
Andromeda Spaceways Publishing Co-Operative Ltd
Anfilov, Gleb
Ang, Susan
Ang, Thom
Angeli, Kat
Angove, Neville J.
Angus, Donna
Angus, Tiffani
Anker, Roger
Annabeth, Leow Hui Min
Annandale, David
Anonymous -C -T
Anstey, F.
Anthony, John
Anthony, Mark
Anthony, Patricia -C -T
Anthony, Piers -C -T
Antieau, Kim
Antipodean Computer Services
Anton, Uwe
Antonelli, Lou
Antoni, Robert
Antoniazzi, Lorna
Antosca, Nick
Antrim, Donald
Antúnez, Steven Bermúdez
Anvil, Christopher
Anzetti, Tony
Aplin, Marc
Apostolides, Alex
Appel, Ross
Applegate, K. A.
Appleton, Victor
April, Jean-pierre
Aragones, Sergio
Aramaki, Yoshio
Aramini, Marc
Arán, Pampa Olga
Arango, Ángel
Arata, David
Araújo, André Lima
Araya, Samuel
Arbitman, Roman
Arbur, Rosemarie
Archer, Steven
Arcudi, John
Arcuri, Meghan
Ardai, Charles
Arden, Katherine
Arden, Tom
Arellano, Carlo
Argyll, Liz
Ariel -C
Arimah, Lesley Nneka
Arjona, Eduardo Gallego
Arkenberg, Megan -C -T
Arkenberg, Therese
Arkham House
Arkin, Alan
Arlen, Michael
Armae, Angelique
Armanno, Venero
Armbruster, Kurt
Armer, Karl-Michael
Armes, Steve
Armstrong, A. Brent
Armstrong, Charlotte
Armstrong, Jennifer
Armstrong, Jon -C -T
Armstrong, Kelley -C -T
Armstrong, Luanne
Armstrong, Michael A.
Armstrong, Neil
Arnason, Eleanor -C -T
Arnaud, G. J.
Arndt, Michael
Arnhart, Camber
Arnold, Charles
Arnold, Edwin Lester
Arnold, H. F.
Arnold, Herb
Arnold, John H.
Arnold, Mark Alan -C -T
Arnold, Roger D.
Arnold, Tommy -C -T
Arnott, Marion
Arnzen, Michael A. -C -T
Aronica, Lou -C -T
Aronofsky, Darren
Aronovitz, David
Arr, Stephen
Arrasmith, Patrick
Arreola, Juan José
Arruda, Michael
Arsenieva, Elena
Arteaga, Santiago Egido
Arthur, Keri
Arthur, Robert
Arutunian, Anthony
Arvind, Ethan David
Aryan, Stephen
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