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Damon Knight, ed.

Simon & Schuster, 1968

Damon Knight's third big anthology parallels his first, with stories ranging from an 1898 work by H. G. Wells, to a 1966 story by Sonya Dorman from Knight's own Orbit 1 original anthology, and a 1968 translation by Knight, in F&SF, of an 1887 story by J.-H. Rosny Aîné.

  1. “With the Night Mail”, Rudyard Kipling (McClure's Nov 1905)
  2. “Mr. Murphy of New York”, Thomas McMorrow (The Saturday Evening Post Mar 22 1930)
  3. “New Apples in the Garden”, Kris Neville (Analog Jul 1963)
  4. “Sanity”, Fritz Leiber (Astounding Apr 1944)
  5. “The Shapes”, J.-H. Rosny aine (F&SF Mar 1968)
  6. “The Other Celia”, Theodore Sturgeon (Galaxy Mar 1957)
  7. “Black Charlie”, Gordon R. Dickson (Galaxy Apr 1954)
  8. “A Subway Named Mobius”, A. J. Deutsch (Astounding Dec 1950)
  9. “The Man Who Came Early”, Poul Anderson (F&SF Jun 1956)
  10. “The Other Now”, Murray Leinster (Galaxy Mar 1951)
  11. “Whatever Happened to Corporal Cuckoo?”, Gerald Kersh (The Brighton Monster, 1953)
  12. “The Mindworm”, C. M. Kornbluth (Worlds Beyond Dec 1950)
  13. “Nobody Bothers Gus”, Algis Budrys (Astounding Nov 1955)
  14. “The Ingenious Patriot”, Ambrose Bierce (San Francisco Examiner Oct 30 1891)
  15. “The Equalizer”, Norman Spinrad (Analog Dec 1964)
  16. “Splice of Life”, Sonya Dorman (Orbit 1, 1966)
  17. “Business as Usual, During Alterations”, Ralph Williams (Astounding Jul 1958)
  18. “The Man Who Could Work Miracles”, H. G. Wells (The Illustrated London News Jul 1898)
  19. “The Quest for Saint Aquin”, Anthony Boucher (New Tales of Space and Time, 1951)
  20. “The Nine Billion Names of God”, Arthur C. Clarke (Star Science Fiction Stories, 1953)
  21. “The Voices of Time”, J. G. Ballard (New Worlds Oct 1960)

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