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Gardner Dozois, ed.

St. Martin's, 1994

Gardner Dozois' second volume for St. Martin's, like Silverberg's second Arbor House volume a decade before, was a volume of short novels, or novellas. Thus, longer, though fewer, stories than in his first volume. The scope is roughly the same as in the first volume: late '50s to early '90s. And as in the first volume, Dozois mentions in his introduction stories he might have included were they not already over-exposed (or unavailable), and emphasizes that his selections are those that appealed to him personally, as a reader.

  1. “The Miracle-Workers”, Jack Vance (Astounding Jul 1958)
  2. “The Longest Voyage”, Poul Anderson (Analog Dec 1960)
  3. “On the Storm Planet”, Cordwainer Smith (Galaxy Feb 1965)
  4. “The Star Pit”, Samuel R. Delany (Worlds of Tomorrow Feb 1967)
  5. “Total Environment”, Brian W. Aldiss (Galaxy Feb 1968)
  6. “The Merchants of Venus”, Frederik Pohl (Worlds of If Jul/Aug 1972)
  7. “The Death of Dr. Island”, Gene Wolfe (Universe 3, 1973)
  8. “Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang”, Kate Wilhelm (Orbit 15, 1974)
  9. “Souls”, Joanna Russ (F&SF Jan 1982)
  10. “A Traveler's Tale”, Lucius Shepard (IASFM Jul 1984)
  11. “Sailing to Byzantium”, Robert Silverberg (IASFM Feb 1985)
  12. “Mr. Boy”, James Patrick Kelly (IASFM Jun 1990)
  13. “And Wild for to Hold”, Nancy Kress (IASFM Jul 1991)

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