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Awards Summary

Career and Special Awards: 3

Major Awards: 3



Total Number of Award Wins and Nominations: 93

— Career and Special Awards —
World Fantasy Awardsfor Fantasy works; juried, with nominations from World Fantasy Con members
lifetime achievement — winner

Bram Stoker Awardsfor Horror works, voted by Horror Writer's Association professional membership
lifetime achievement — winner

World Horror Grandmasterfor outstanding contributor to the horror genre; voted by World Horror Con members

— Major Awards —
Nebula Awardsfor SF/F works, voted by SF & Fantasy Writers of America professional membership
(2 nominations)

“Red as Blood” (F&SF Jul 1979) — short story — nomination

The Birthgrave (DAW) — novel — nomination

World Fantasy Awardsfor Fantasy works; juried, with nominations from World Fantasy Con members
(10 nominations; 3 wins)

“UOUS” (The Fair Folk SFBC) — novella — nomination

“Scarlet and Gold” (Weird Tales Summer 1999) — novella — nomination

Night's Sorceries (DAW) — collection — nomination

Dreams of Dark and Light (Arkham House) — collection/anthology — nomination

“Nunc Dimittis” (The Dodd, Mead Gallery of Horror) — novella — nomination

“Elle Est Trois, (La Mort)” (Whispers IV) — short story — winner

Red as Blood (DAW) — collection/anthology — nomination

“The Gorgon” (Shadows 5) — short fiction — winner

Night's Master (DAW) — novel — nomination

British Fantasy Awardsfor fantasy works published in the UK, voted by British Fantasy Society members, juried since 2012
(8 nominations; 1 win)

Tanith by Choice (Newcon) — collection — nomination

“Where Does the Town Go at Night?” (Interzone #147 Sep 1999) — short fiction — nomination

“Jedella Ghost” (Interzone #135 Sep 1998) — short fiction — nomination

Delusion's Master (DAW) — August Derleth Award (novel) — nomination

Kill the Dead (DAW) — August Derleth Award (novel) — nomination

Death's Master — August Derleth Award (novel) — winner

“Red As Blood” (F&SF Jul 1979) — short fiction — nomination

The Quest of the White Witch (DAW) — August Derleth Award (novel) — nomination

British SF Association Awardsfor SF works published in the UK, voted by British SF Association members
(1 nomination)

“La Vampiresse” (Interzone #154 Apr 2000) — short fiction — nomination

James Tiptree Jr Memorial Awardfor SF/F that explores and expands the roles of women and men, juried
(1 nomination)

“The Reason for Not Going to the Ball” (F&SF Oct/Nov 1996) — long list

Shirley Jackson Awardsfor works of psychological horror and dark fantastic, juried
(1 nomination)

“A Little of the Night” (Clockwork Phoenix 4) — novelette — nomination

Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Awardfor SF short fiction in English; juried
(1 nomination)

“Clockatrice” (Fantasy Magazine Oct 2009) — finalist

— Locus Awards and Poll —
Locus Awardsfor SF/F/H works, polled by readers of Locus Magazine
(48 nominations)

Dancing Through the Fire (Fantastic Books) — collection — 4th place

Space Is Just a Starry Night (Aqueduct) — collection — 20th place

“Black and White Sky” (Brighton Shock) — novelette — 28th place

“Under/Above the Water” (Songs of Love and Death) — novelette — 27th place

“Clockatrice” (Fantasy 5 Oct 2009) — novelette — 36th place

Mortal Suns (Overlook) — fantasy novel — 17th place

A Bed of Earth (Overlook) — fantasy novel — 16th place

White as Snow (Tor) — fantasy novel — 15th place

“The Eye in the Heart” (F&SF Mar 2000) — short story — 18th place

Saint Fire (Overlook Press) — fantasy novel — 17th place

Faces Under Water (Overlook Press) — dark fantasy/horror novel — 8th place

“All the Birds of Hell” (F&SF Oct/Nov 1998) — novelette — 3rd place

Vivia (Little, Brown UK) — horror/dark fantasy novel — 11th place

Darkness, I (Little, Brown UK) — dark fantasy/horror novel — 12th place

Personal Darkness (Little, Brown UK) — horror novel — 8th place

Nightshades (Headline) — collection — 17th place

Dark Dance (Macdonald; Dell Abyss) — horror/dark fantasy novel — 6th place

“Venus Rising on Water” (Asimov's Oct 1991) — short story — 22nd place

The Book of the Dead (Overlook Press) — collection — 7th place

The Blood of Roses (Legend) — fantasy novel — 7th place

A Heroine of the World (DAW) — fantasy novel — 16th place

Women as Demons (The Women's Press) — collection — 18th place

The White Serpent (DAW) — fantasy novel — 14th place

Madame Two Swords (Grant) — novelette — 15th place

The Book of the Damned (Unwin) — collection — 15th place

“Crying in the Rain” (Other Edens) — short story — 26th place

Night's Sorceries (DAW) — collection — 9th place

“Into Gold” (Asimov's Mar 1986) — novelette — 17th place

Dreams of Dark and Light (Arkham House) — collection — 14th place

The Gorgon (DAW) — collection — 7th place

“Draco, Draco” (Beyond Lands of Never) — novelette — 14th place

“Foreign Skins” (Tamastara) — novelette — 11th place

“Three Days” (Shadows 7) — novelette — 20th place

“Bright Burning Tiger” (Asimov's Jan 1984) — short story — 5th place

Tamastara (DAW) — collection — 3rd place

Anackire (DAW) — fantasy novel — 21st place

Sung in Shadow (DAW) — fantasy novel — 23rd place

“Nunc Dimittis” (The Dodd, Mead Gallery of Horror) — novelette — 20th place (tie)

Red as Blood (DAW) — collection — 2nd place

“The Gorgon” (Shadows 5) — novelette — 7th place

“Written in Water” (Perpetual Light) — short story — 19th place

Delusion's Master (DAW) — fantasy novel — 12th place

Lycanthia (DAW) — fantasy novel — 10th place

Kill the Dead (DAW) — fantasy novel — 12th place

Sabella (DAW) — fantasy novel — 14th place

Death's Master (DAW) — fantasy novel — 10th place

“Red as Blood” (F&SF Jul 1979) — short story — 16th place

The Birthgrave (DAW) — novel — 20th place

— Other Awards —
Asimov's Reader Pollfor stories, poems, and art published by Asimov's, polled by readers
(4 nominations)

“Torhec the Sculptor” (Asimov's Oct/Nov 2010) — novelette — 2nd place

“After I Killed Her” (Asimov's Jul 1997) — short story — 6th place (tie)

“Winter Flowers” (Asimov's Jun 1993) — novelette — 5th place

“Zelle's Thursday” (Asimov's Oct 1989) — short story — 3rd place

Balrog Awardsfor fantasy works, presented an annual FoolsCon in Kansas City
(5 nominations)

“Because Our Skins Are Finer” (Twilight Zone Nov 1981) — short fiction — nomination

Kill the Dead (DAW) — novel — nomination

Death's Master (DAW) — novel — nomination

“Northern Chess” (Amazons!) — short fiction — nomination

Champions of the Road — collection/anthology — nomination

Interzone Readers Pollfor stories published in Interzone magazine, polled by readers
(4 nominations)

“La Vampiresse” (Interzone #154 Apr 2000) — fiction — 4th place (tie)

“Where Does the Town Go at Night?” (Interzone #147 Sep 1999) — fiction — 8th place

“Jedella Ghost” (Interzone #135 Sep 1998) — fiction — 3rd place

“Yellow and Red” (Interzone #132 Jun 1998) — fiction — 7th place (tie)

Lambda Awardfor gay and lesbian literature, juried
(1 nomination)

Disturbed by Her Song (Lethe Press) — sf/fantasy/horror — nomination

Mythopoeic Awardsfor fantasy works in the spirit of the Inklings, voted by members of the Mythopoeic Society
(3 nominations)

Metallic Love (Bantam Spectra) — adult literature — nomination

Tales from the Flat Earth — fantasy — nomination

Delusion's Master — fantasy — nomination

Seiun Awardsfor SF/F works published in Japan, voted by members of annual Japanese SF Con
(1 nomination)

“White as Sin, Now” — translated story — nomination

WSFA Small Press Awardfor short fiction from small press publications, voted by member of Washington SF Assn
(1 nomination)

“Burn Her” (Dancing Through the Fire) — shortlist — nomination

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