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Eligibility Year: 2019
Short Poem
  • Winner: “Taking, Keeping”, Jessica J. Horowitz (Apparition Lit Jan 2019)
  • Second Place: “when my father reprograms my mother {”, Caroline Mao (Strange Horizons Fund Drive 2019)
  • Third Place (tie): “Creation: Dark Matter Dating App”, Sandra J. Lindow (Asimov's Jul/Aug 2019)
  • Third Place (tie): “The Day the Animals Turned to Sand”, Tyler Hagemann (Amazing Stories Spr 2019)
Long Poem
  • Winner: “Heliobacterium daphnephilum”, Rebecca Buchanan (Star*Line Sum 2019)
  • Second Place: “The Cinder Girl Burns Brightly”, Theodora Goss (Uncanny May/Jun 2019)
  • Third Place (tie): “The Macabre Modern”, Kyla Lee Ward (The Macabre Modern and Other Morbidities)
  • Third Place (tie): “Ode to the Artistic Temperament”, Michael H. Payne (Silver Blade Spr 2019)
Grand Master

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