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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Caballero, Eugenio
Cabanis, Eric
Cabardo, Maria
Cabeen, Robert Payne
Cabell, James Branch
Cabot, Meg
Cacek, P. D. -C -T
Cadaval, Alejandro Mier G.
Cadden, Mike
Cade, Octavia
Cadigan, Pat -C -T
Cadnum, Michael
Cadora, Karen
Cady, Jack -C -T
Cai, Rovina -C -T
Caidin, Martin
Cain, James
Caird, Janet
Cairns, Erin
Cairns, Greg
Cake, Dave
Calaby, Tara
Calder, Richard -C -T
Calder-Marshall, Arthur
Calen, Tom
Caless, Kit
Calhoun, Dia
Califia, Pat
Calkins, Dick
Callahan, Matthew
Calle, Mauricio
Callegari, Dennis
Callen, Kerry
Callenbach, Ernest
Callin, Grant D.
Calvillo, Michael
Calvillo, Michael Louis
Calvin, Ritch
Calvin, Ritchie
Calvino, Italo
Camagajevac, Sebastijan
Cambias, James L. -C -T
Cameron, Eleanor
Cameron, James
Cameron, Miles
Cameron, Richard Graeme -C
Cameron, Steve
Camoin, François
Campanella, Tommaso
Campbell, Alan
Campbell, Barbara
Campbell, Bill
Campbell, Bruce
Campbell, Cody D.
Campbell, Eddie
Campbell, Hayley
Campbell, J. R.
Campbell, Jeff
Campbell, John W., Jr. -C -T
Campbell, Jonny
Campbell, Josh
Campbell, Laura E.
Campbell, Ramsey -C -T
Campbell, Rebecca
Campbell, Steph
Campbell, Tyree
Campi, Thomas
Campisi, Stephanie
Canavan, A. P.
Canavan, Gerry
Canavan, Trudi -C -T
Candelaria, Matthew
Cane and Rinse
Canfield, Grant -C
Canfield, Michael
Canfield, Tracy
Caniglia, Jeremy -C -T
Cannon, Peter
Cantine, Holley
Cantor, Marty & Robbie
Cantrell, Lisa W.
Canty, Thomas -C -T
Capek, Karel
Capobianco, Michael
Capon, Paul
Caponigro, John
Caraher, Kim
Caraker, Mary
Carani, David
Carbado, Maria
Carbone, Tracy L.
Card, Orson Scott -C -T
Cardamone, Tom
Cardin, Matt
Cardui, Vanessa
Carey, D. L.
Carey, Jacqueline -C -T
Carey, Linda
Carey, Louise
Carey, M. R.
Carey, Mike -C -T
Carey, Peter
Cargill, C. Robert
Carl, Lillian Stewart
Carlson, Jeff
Carlson, William K.
Carlsson, Carl C.
Carman, Bill
Carman, William
Carmer, Carl
Carmichael, Claire
Carmichael, Leslie
Carmien, Edward
Carmody, Isobelle -C -T
Carneiro, André
Carnell, John (Ted) -C -T
Carney, Jo Eldridge
Caro, Anna
Caro, Dennis R.
Carol, Avedon -C
Carolyn, Axelle
Caroti, Simone
Carpenter, Anthony
Carpenter, Bridget
Carpenter, Humphrey
Carpenter, John
Carpenter, Leonard
Carr, Caleb
Carr, David
Carr, Jayge
Carr, John Dickson
Carr, John F.
Carr, Robert Spencer
Carr, Terry -C -T
Carracedo, Fermin Sanchez
Carraway, Michelle
Carre, Benjamin
Carreau, Paul
Carrère, Emmanuel
Carriger, Gail -C -T
Carrington, André M.
Carrington, Grant
Carrington, Leonora
Carroll, David
Carroll, Elizabeth
Carroll, Emily
Carroll, Jonathan -C -T
Carroll, Jordan S.
Carroll, Justin
Carroll, Kristina
Carroll, L. E.
Carroll, Lewis
Carroll, Michael -C -T
Carroll, Monica
Carroll, Siobhan
Carsky-Wilson, Woody O.
Carson, Anne
Carson, Brad
Carson, Dave -C
Carson, Rae
Carter, Angela -C -T
Carter, Ashley J. R.
Carter, Derek
Carter, Grey
Carter, Isabella
Carter, Lin
Carter, Paul A.
Carter, Raphael -C -T
Carter, Scott William
Carter, Steve
Carter, Stuart
Carter, Timothy
Carter, Tyler
Cartier, Edd -C
Cartmill, Cleve
Caruso, Melissa
Carver, Jeffrey A.
Cary, Catie
Casal i Fàbrega, Joaquim
Casanova, Giacomo
Case, David
Case, Richard
Caselberg, Jay
Casey, Bevan
Casey, Doug
Cash, Steve
Cashier, Erin
Cashore, Kristin
Casil, Amy Sterling
Casper, Claudia
Casper, Susan
Cass, Stephen
Cassacy, Marsh
Cassutt, Michael
Castellucci, Cecil
Castillo, Robert
Castle, Marie
Castle, Mort -C -T
Castle, Sarah K.
Castro, Adam-Troy -C -T
Caswell, Brian
Cates, Norman
Cato, Beth
Catran, Ken
Causey, James O.
Cavaliero, Glen
Cavallo, Steve -C
Cave, Hugh B. -C -T
Cavelos, Jeanne
Cavender, R. J.
Cavendish, Margaret
Caves, Sally
Cawood, Hap
Cawthorn, James
Cazedessus, Camille, Jr.
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Cearley, Clint
Cecil, Laura
Cedeno, N. M.
Cederling, Siv
Celt, Adrienne
Centeno, Steven
Cerf, Christopher
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