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foreign book
2010 Blindsight (Visión Ciega Diáspora), Peter Watts
2009 The Yiddish Policemen's Union (El Sindicato de Policía Yiddish), Michael Chabon
2008 The Road (La Carretera), Cormac McCarthy
2007 Kafka on the Shore (Kafka en la Orilla), Haruki Murakami
2006 Never Let Me Go (Nunca me Abandones), Kazuo Ishiguro
foreign story
2010 “A Soul in a Bottle” (“Un alma embotellada“), Tim Powers
2009 “The Index” (“El índice“), J. G. Ballard
2008 “macs” (“Macs“), Terry Bisson
2007 “Learning to Be Me” (“Aprendiendo a ser yo“), Greg Egan
2006 “For I Have Touched the Sky” (“He tocado el cielo“), Mike Resnick

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