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Groff Conklin, ed.

Crown, 1946

Groff Conklin's first anthology was published the same year as Adventures in Time and Space and was nearly as popular, ranking on polls of best SF books in 1949 and 1952. SFE notes under Groff Conklin that Adventures was contracted first and so had first dibs of material; Conklin could not use any of those stories for his book.

Conklin followed this with three other big compilations, and then several dozen theme anthologies through the 1950s and 1960s.

William G. Contento's Locus Index to Science Fiction notes that the Nelson Bond story is mis-attributed to Donald Wandrei on the table of contents of the first edition.

  1. “Solution Unsatisfactory”, Robert A. Heinlein, as by Anson MacDonald (Astounding May 1941)
  2. “The Great War Syndicate”, Frank R. Stockton (Once a Week Dec 1888)
  3. “The Piper's Son”, Henry Kuttner & C. L. Moore, as by Lewis Padgett (Astounding Feb 1945)
  4. “Deadline”, Cleve Cartmill (Astounding Mar 1944)
  5. “Lobby”, Clifford D. Simak (Astounding Apr 1944)
  6. “Blowups Happen”, Robert A. Heinlein (Astounding Sep 1940)
  7. “Atomic Power”, John W. Campbell, Jr., as by Don A. Stuart (Astounding Dec 1934)
  8. “Killdozer!”, Theodore Sturgeon (Astounding Nov 1944)
  9. “Davey Jones' Ambassador”, Raymond Z. Gallun (Astounding Dec 1935)
  10. “Giant in the Earth”, Morrison F. Colladay (Wonder Stories Apr 1933)
  11. “Goldfish Bowl”, Robert A. Heinlein, as by Anson MacDonald (Astounding Mar 1942)
  12. “The Ivy War”, David H. Keller (Amazing May 1930)
  13. “Liquid Life”, Ralph Milne Farley (Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct 1936)
  14. “A Tale of the Ragged Mountains”, Edgar Allan Poe (Godey's Lady’s Book Apr 1844)
  15. “The Great Keinplatz Experiment”, Arthur Conan Doyle (Belgravia Jul 1885)
  16. “The Remarkable Case of Davidson's Eyes”, H. G. Wells (Pall Mall Budget Mar 28 1895)
  17. “The Tissue-Culture King”, Julian Huxley (The Yale Review Apr 1926)
  18. “The Ultimate Catalyst”, John Taine (Thrilling Wonder Stories Jun 1939)
  19. “The Terrible Sense”, Calvin Peregoy (Astounding Aug 1938)
  20. “A Scientist Divides”, Donald Wandrei (Astounding Sep 1934)
  21. “Tricky Tonnage”, Malcolm Jameson (Astounding Dec 1944)
  22. “The Lanson Screen”, Arthur Leo Zagat (Thrilling Wonder Stories Dec 1936)
  23. “The Ultimate Metal”, Nat Schachner (Astounding Feb 1935)
  24. “The Machine”, John W. Campbell, Jr., as by Don A. Stuart (Astounding Feb 1935)
  25. “Short-Circuited Probability”, Norman L. Knight (Astounding Sep 1941)
  26. “The Search”, A. E. van Vogt (Astounding Jan 1943)
  27. “The Upper Level Road”, Warner van Lorne (Astounding Aug 1935)
  28. “The 32nd of May”, Paul Ernst (Astounding Apr 1935)
  29. “The Monster from Nowhere”, Nelson S. Bond (Fantastic Adventures Jul 1939)
  30. “First Contact”, Murray Leinster (Astounding May 1945)
  31. “Universe”, Robert A. Heinlein (Astounding May 1941)
  32. “Blind Alley”, Isaac Asimov (Astounding Mar 1945)
  33. “En Route to Pluto”, Wallace West (Astounding Aug 1936)
  34. “The Retreat to Mars”, Cecil B. White (Amazing Aug 1927)
  35. “The Man Who Saved the Earth”, Austin Hall (All-Story Weekly Dec 13 1919)
  36. “Spawn of the Stars”, Charles Willard Diffin (Astounding Feb 1930)
  37. “The Flame Midget”, Frank Belknap Long (Astounding Dec 1936)
  38. “Expedition”, Anthony Boucher (Thrilling Wonder Stories Aug 1943)
  39. “The Conquest of Gola”, Leslie F. Stone (Wonder Stories Apr 1931)
  40. “Jackdaw”, Ross Rocklynne (Astounding Aug 1942)

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