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Awards Summary




Awards Won: 1

Total Number of Award Wins and Nominations: 19

— Major Awards —
James Tiptree Jr Memorial Awardfor SF/F that explores and expands the roles of women and men, juried
(1 nomination)

Melusine — long list

Shirley Jackson Awardsfor works of psychological horror and dark fantastic, juried
(1 nomination)

The Bone Key (Prime Books) — collection — nomination

— Locus Awards and Poll —
Locus Awardsfor SF/F/H works, polled by readers of Locus Magazine
(9 nominations)

“The Wreck of the "Charles Dexter Ward"” (by SM & Elizabeth Bear) (Drabblecast 31 Aug - 6 Sep 2012) — novelette — 12th place

“Blue Lace Agate” (Lightspeed Jan 2012) — short story — 26th place

Somewhere Beneath Those Waves (Prime) — collection — 15th place

“After the Dragon” (Fantasy Jan 2010) — short story — 14th place

“Mongoose” (by SM & Elizabeth Bear) (Lovecraft Unbound) — novelette — 11th place

“White Charles” (Clarkesworld Magazine Oct 2009) — novelette — 35th place

“Boojum” (by Elizabeth Bear & SM) (Fast Ships, Black Sails) — short story — 3rd place

The Virtu (Ace) — fantasy novel — 17th place

Melusine (Ace) — first novel — 7th place

— Other Awards —
Gaylactic Spectrum Awardsfor SF/F/H on GLBT themes, voted by members of Gaylactic Network
(2 nominations; 1 win)

The Virtu (Ace) — novel — nomination

“Three Letters from the Queen of Elfland ” (Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet #11 Nov 2002) — short fiction — winner

John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writerfor new SF/F writer, voted by members of annual World SF con
(2 nominations)



Lambda Awardfor gay and lesbian literature, juried
(1 nomination)

A Companion to Wolves (by SM & Elizabeth Bear) (Tor) — sf/fantasy/horror — nomination

SF Site Readers Pollfor SF/F books, voted by readers of SF Site website
(1 nomination)

Melusine (Ace) — sf/fantasy book — 9th place (tie)

William L. Crawford - IAFA Fantasy Awardfor first fantasy book, juried
(1 nomination)

Melusine (Ace) — finalist

WSFA Small Press Awardfor short fiction from small press publications, voted by member of Washington SF Assn
(1 nomination)

“After the Dragon” (Fantasy Jan 2010) — shortlist — nomination

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