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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Dhaliwal, Aminder
Dhuibhne, Éilis NÍ
Di Fate, Vincent
Di Filippo, Paul
Di Francia, Chiara
Di Meglio, Ignacio
Diamond, Steven
Diaz, Facundo
Díaz, Junot
Dibbell, Carola
DiCamillo, Kate
Dicerto, Rev
DiChario, Nicholas A.
Dick, Chad
Dick, Leslie
Dick, Philip K.
Dickens, Charles
Dickerson, D. Ellis
Dickerson, Matthew
Dickey, Dominique
Dickie, Ron
Dickinson, Charles
Dickinson, Chris
Dickinson, Joseph
Dickinson, Larry
Dickinson, Peter
Dickinson, Seth
Dickson, Carter
Dickson, Gordon R.
Diehl, Laura
Diemer, Sarah
Dietrich, Bryan D.
Dietrick, Lari
Dietz, Ulysses
Dietz, William C.
Diffin, Charles Willard
Digby, Tom
Digges, Jeremiah
Diggs, Daveed
Diggs, George
Dighe, Geetanjali
Dikeman, Kristine
Dikty, T. E.
Dila, Dilman
Dillard, R. H. W.
Dillard, Todd
Dillingham, Peter
Dillman, Lisa
Dillon, Diane
Dillon, Grace
Dillon, Julie
Dillon, Lee
Dillon, Leo & Diane
Dillon, Steve
DiLouie, Craig
Dimaline, Cherie
Dimitrova, Irena Yankova
Dinan, Kurt
Dinelaris, Alexander, Jr.
Dinesen, Isak
Dinesh, Varsha
Ding, Chrystal
Dinjos, Walter
Dionne, Roger
Dirda, Michael
diRende, Susan
Dirge, Roman
Disch, Thomas M.
Discher, Scott
Dismukes, Woody
Disraeli, Benjamin
DiTerlizzi, Tony
Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee
Divya, S. B.
Dix, Shane
Dixon, Brian A.
Dixon, Buzz
Dixon, Don
Dixon, Dougal
Dixon, John
Dixon, Larry
Dixon, Matt
Dixon, Terry
DiZazzo, Raymond
Dneprov, Anatoly
Doan, James E.
Doar, Graham
Dobinson, Frank
Döblin, Alfred
Dobson, Robert
Dobyns, Stephen
Docherty, Martin
Docherty, Vincent
Dociu, Daniel
Docker, Peter
Docter, Peter
Doctorow, Cory
Doctorow, E. L.
Dodd, Quenin
Dodgson, Sofie
Dodson, Martha
Doerr, Anthony
Doherty, Paul
Doherty, Tom
Dohr, Mackenzie
Doig, James
Dolgov, Boris
Dolgushin, Yuri
Dolichva, Tsana
Dolin, Adam
Dollarhyde, Kate
Dolley, Chris
Dolphins, Tom
Dolton, Brian
Domingue, Ronlyn
Domínguez, Lilivette
Dominic, Simon
Donaho, Bill
Donald, Elsie WK
Donaldson, Stephen R.
Donaldson, Thomas
Donati, Stefano
Donawerth, Jane
Dondlinger, Steven
Donev, Anton
Dong, Maria
Dong-hyuk, Hwang
Donne, Alexa
Donnelly, Ignatius
Donnelly, Lara
Donnelly, Lara Elena
Donnelly, Marcos
Donner, Carol
Donner, Richard
Donney, Laura
Donoghue, Emma
Donoghue, Michael
Donoghue, Mike
Donohue, Keith
Donovan, Francis
Donovan, Leslie
Donovan, Rita
Doolittle, Jayson B.
Doolittle, Sean
Doran, Colleen
Doremieux, Alain
Dorie, Sarina
Dorin, Ivan
Dorman, David
Dorman, Sonya
Dornsife, Rebecca
Dorr, James S.
Dorris, Maurine
Dorrity, Devon
Dorsey, Candas Jane
Dorst, Doug
Dos Diaz, Alex
Dos Passos, John
Dos Santos, Daniel
Dostoevsky, Fyodor
Dotson, J. Dianne
Doubinsky, Seb
Doucette, Gene
Douek, Rich
Dougherty, Charles
Douglas, John
Douglas, John R.
Douglas, L. Warren
Douglas, Lauren Wright
Douglas, Marica
Douglas, Myrtle
Douglass, Ellsworth
Douglass, Sara
DouPonce, Kirk
Dove, Mourning
Dover, JM
Dovey, Matt
Dow, Alechia
Dowd, Siobhan
Dowker, Felicity
Dowling, Lela
Dowling, Steve
Dowling, Terry
Downer, Ann
Downey, Stephen
Downing, David C.
Downing, Paula E.
Downing, Ryan
Downs, Hugh
Downum, Amanda
Dowsett, Jenni
Doyle, Aidan
Doyle, Arthur Conan
Doyle, Debra
Doyle, Noreen
Doyle, Sarah
Doyle, Tom
Dozois, Gardner
Dozois, Gardner
Drager, Lindsey
Dragon, Jay
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