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Eligibility Year: 2014
  1. Winner: “Fly Away Home”, Suzanne Palmer
  2. “Marielena”, Nina Allan
  3. (tie): “Besides the Dammed River”, D. J. Cockburn
  4. (tie): “Dark on a Darkling Earth”, T. R. Napper
  5. (tie): “Must Supply Own Work Boots”, Malcolm Devlin
  6. (tie): “The Posset Pot”, Neil Williamson
  7. (tie): “Ashes”, Karl Bunker
  8. (tie): “Wake Up, Phil”, Georgina Bruce
  9. (tie): “The Damaged”, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam
  10. (tie): “Ghost Story”, John Grant
  11. (tie): “Predvestniki”, Greg Kurzawa
Full results published in Interzone #258, May/Jun 2015

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