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Where and When: Online : September 17, 2022
Eligibility Year: 2021
Adult Novel
Ya Novel
Middle Grade Novel
  • Winner: “The Future Library”, Peng Shepherd (Tor.com 18 Aug 2021)
  • “The Badger’s Digestion; or The First First-Hand Description… of Deneskan Beastcraft by an Aouwan Researcher”, Malka Older (Constelación Apr 2021)
  • “Colors of the Immortal Palette”, Caroline M. Yoachim (Uncanny Mar/Apr 2021)
  • “The Equations of the Dead”, An Owomoyela (Lightspeed Apr 2021)
  • “Music of the Siphorophenes”, C. L. Polk (F&SF Mar/Apr 2021)
Short Story
  • Winner: “If the Martians Have Magic”, P. Djèlí Clark (Uncanny Sep/Oct 2021)
  • “The Center of the Universe”, Nadia Shammas (Strange Horizons 29 Mar 2021)
  • “Delete Your First Memory for Free”, Kel Coleman (Fiyah Win 2021)
  • “The Fifth Horseman”, Martin Cahill (Fireside Oct 2021)
  • “The Tale of Jaja and Canti”, Tobi Ogundiran (Lightspeed Aug 2021)
  • Winner: “Post Massacre Psyche Evaluation”, Abu Bakr Sadiq (Uncanny Nov/Dec 2021)
  • “Appeal to the Doppelgänger”, Terese Mason Pierre (Fantasy Apr 2021)
  • “Dragonslayer”, Priya Chand (Fantasy Mar 2021)
  • “Kuala Lumpur Urban Legends”, Jack Kin Lim (Strange Horizons Aug 2021)
  • “None of the Star Trek Ships Are Named After Confederate Generals”, Arden Eli Hill (Strange Horizons May 2021)
Critics Award
Fiction Podcast
  • Winner: khoréo
  • Escape Pod
  • Gallery of Curiosities
  • PodCastle
  • PseudoPod
Comics Team
Anthology/collected Works
Creative Nonfiction
  • Winner: “We Are the Mountain: A Look at the Inactive Protagonist”, Vida Cruz (Fantasy Aug 2021)
  • “The Necessity of Slavery Stories”, Troy L. Wiggins (Uncanny Jul/Aug 2021)
  • “Roundtable: The Palestinian Speculative”, Fargo Tbakhi, N. A. Mansour & Rasha Abdulhadi (Strange Horizons Mar 2021)
  • “What You Might Have Missed”, Arley Sorg (Uncanny Nov/Dec 2021)
  • “Where Will You Place Us When We Are Dead?”, Monte Lin (Strange Horizons Jun 2021)
Community Award

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