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Eligibility Year: 2006
Novella Or Novelette
  • Winner: “The Devil in Mr Pussy (Or how I found God inside my wife)”, Paul Haines (C0ck)
  • “Aftermath”, David Conyers (Agog! Ripping Reads)
  • “The Dead of Winter”, Stephen Dedman (Weird Tales #339)
  • “The Soul of Dead Soldiers Are for Blackbirds, Not Little Boys”, Ben Peek (Agog! Ripping Reads)
  • “Under the Red Sun”, Ben Peek (Fantasy Magazine #4)
  • “World's Whackiest Upper Atmosphere Re-Entry Disasters Dating Game”, Brendan Duffy (Agog! Ripping Reads)
Short Story
Collected Work
Fan Production
Fan Artist
  • Winner: Andrew Macrae for 26Lies/1Truth (Wheatland Press)
  • Cat Sparks for Agog! Ripping Reads (Agog! Press)
  • Shaun Tan for The Arrival (Lothian)
  • Cat Sparks for Daughters of Earth: Feminist Science Fiction in the Twentieth Century (Wesleyan University Press)
  • Greg Bridges for The Devoured Earth (HarperCollins)
Fan Achievement
  • Winner: Alisa Krasnostein, for establishing Asif
  • Tony Plank, for establishing and maintaining the Inkspillers website
  • Marty Young, for his work establishing and promoting the Australian Horror Writers Association
William Atheling Jr. Award For Criticism Or Review
  • Winner: Daughters of Earth: Feminist Science Fiction in the Twentieth Century, Justine Larbalestier (Wesleyan University Press)
  • “Bad Film Diaries--Sink or Swim: The Truth Behind Waterworld”, Grant Watson (Borderlands #8)
  • “Man and Super-Monster: A History of Daikaiji Eiga and Its Metaphorical Undercurrents”, Robert Hood (Borderlands #7)
  • “Review of Paraspheres”, Miranda Siemienowicz (HorrorScope)
  • “Review of 'Through Soft Air'”, Kathryn Linge (Asif)
Professional Achievement
  • Winner: Bill Congreve, for Mirrordanse Press and two issues of the Australian Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Justine Larbalestier, for editing Daughters of Earth: Feminist Science Fiction in the Twentieth Century
  • Gary Kemble, for work on ABC's Articulate and promoting the genre through radio and other mediums
  • Russell B. Farr, for Ticonderoga Publications
  • Angela Challis, for establishing Brimstone Press as a mass-market publisher
  • Alisa Krasnostein, for providing new paying markets for readers and writers of both fiction and non-fiction, art as well as forums for reviews/interviews within the speculative fiction genre, enhancing the profile of Australian speculative fiction

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